Form DR-0085 Aircraft Manufacturer New Employee Progress Report

(303) 238 7378 www colorado gov (303) 892 3840 addresses listed below airCraft manufaCturer new employee Credit progress report amount of compensation paid to any individual employee or social security numbers Attach this form to your account now through Revenue Online Visit www Colorado gov/RevenueOnline today! attachments Aviation Development Zone/ Airport Name Chief Officer (only if taxpayer is a C corporation) Business address Date facility began operations at this facility city state Zip Did this facility relocate from another colorado location? yes no Click on Individual or Business Click on the E Filer Attachment button under AccessNow Colorado department of revenue colorado Department of Revenue Colorado Office of Economic Development and Credit Computation Denver co 80261 0005 1625 Broadway Room 1700 DR 0085 (10/07/10) economic Development and international trade and the colorado Department of Revenue at the filing of this report Form DR 0085 must be completed by any aircraft manufacturer that claims the aircraft manufacturer new employee income tax credit This report is public record and copies will be available from the Office of Economic Development and International Trade for five years from the due date of the report i declare that all of the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief information information is for tax year ending 20 Check here if a progress report has been filed for this facility in a prior year instruCtions month number of employees at end of month 1 average number of aviation zone employees for year line m divided by 12 2 prior employee base for computing the credit 3 New aviation zone employees line 1 minus line 2 4 Credit per new aviation zone employee 5 Aircraft manufacturer new employee credit line 3 times line 4 6 Average annual compensation including benefits paid to the full time employees employed at this facility during the current year 7 average number of aviation zone employees at this facility during the prior year 8 Has the taxpayer reduced employment at any other site in colorado that is controlled by the aircraft manufacturer? yes no If yes check all of the following that caused this reduction: automation merger acquisition corporate restructuring other $ 1 200 00 $ 00 $ Note: Fill in forms are not saveable and will not file the return for you You must print the return and mail it We recommend you file through Revenue Online Return to the Form Web page and click on eFile payroll or other data to verify the number of full time employees reported on this form and for the prior print name title S corporations partnerships and other pass through entities must attach Form DR 0086 to the report filed with the Department of Revenue to identify all shareholders partners or members and the amount of the credit allocated to each The information included on the DR 0086 is not public record and will not be released with copies of this progress report Scroll down to view your form see Fyi income 62 at www TaxColorado com for additional information regarding the tax credit and the see instructions on back of form for required attachments and mailing information Signature of Chief Officer/Owner Date taxpayeR seRvice Division Room 240 DenveR coloRaDo 80261 0005 taxpayer service Division Room 240 international trade taxpayer signature taxpayer/ company name Business telephone number The report is due within 90 days of the end of the tax year and must be filed prior to the filing of an income tax return that claims the reported tax credit This report must be filed with both the Office of total m two years must be attached to the form when submitted Do not include any information that reveals the www TaxColorado com Denver co 80202