Form 26-1839 Compliance Inspection Report

"Special" inspection is checked in the case of alterations repairsor additions to existing construction and the inspector enters abrief description of the stage of construction in the blank linesprovided Reinspection is checked in all cases wherein a previousreport has indicated "Reinspection Required" (AS DEFINED IN ITEM 1 AND DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: Line 1 of 2) (AS DEFINED IN ITEM 1 AND DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: Line 2 of 2) (CASE NUMBER) (CONTINUATION OF ITEMS 1 2 OR 3) (DATE Enter 2 digit month 2 digit day and 4 digit year ) (DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: Line 1 of 2) (DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: Line 2 of 2) (DropDownList1) VA FILE COPY 1 (ESTIMATED COST) (ITEMIZED AND DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: Line 1 of 7) (ITEMIZED AND DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: Line 2 of 7) (ITEMIZED AND DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: Line 3 of 7) (ITEMIZED AND DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: Line 4 of 7) (ITEMIZED AND DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: Line 5 of 7) (ITEMIZED AND DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: Line 6 of 7) (ITEMIZED AND DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: Line 7 of 7) (NAME AND ADDRESS OF LENDER (Complete mailing address including ZIP Code)) (NAME OF BUILDER) (PROBABLE DATE OF COMPLETION Enter 2 digit month 2 digit day and 4 digit year ) (PROPERTY IDENTIFICATION (Include lot and block)) (SIGNATURE OF DESIGNATED COMPLIANCE INSPECTOR This is a protected field ) (SIGNATURE OF VALUATION OFFICER OR DESIGNEE This is a protected field ) 2 INSPECTION OF OFFSITE IMPROVEMENTSAS DEFINED IN ITEM 1 AND DESCRIBEDREVEALED CONDITIONA B C D E 3 REINSPECTION OF WORK PREVIOUSLY INSPECTED ATREVEALED CONDITION AS DEFINED IN ITEM 1 AND DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: 5 CERTIFICATION I CERTIFY THATI have carefully inspected the above property in which I have no interest present or prospective and that I have reportedherein all conditions observed to be at variance with VA Minimum Property Requirements approved plans and specifications and any specific requirements for offsiteimprovements relating to the property inspected 6 VA REVIEW OF INSPECTION REPORT REVEALED CONDITIONA PREFINAL REPORT APPROVEDB ALL IMPROVEMENTS A NO EVIDENCE OF ABOVE ITEMS WILL BE INSPECTED AT NEXT REGULAR INSPECTIONREINSPECTION REQUIREDCOMPLETE THIS ITEM WHEN MAKING THIRD INSPECTIONAS FOLLOWS: ACCEPTABLY COMPLETEDDATE and whether or not there have been any other variations fromplans specifications or VA Minimum Property Requirements Ifan inspection has been requested and the work has not progressedto such a point that the required inspection can be completed areport shall be prepared and distributed in the usual manner; CASE NUMBER Code of Federal Regulations 1 526 for routine uses (for example: Authorize release of information to Congress when requested on behalf of a Veteran who purchased the home that weinspected) identified in the VA system of records 55VA26 Loan Guaranty Home Condominium and Manufactured Home Loan Applicant Records Specially Adapted Housing ApplicantRecords and Vendee Loan Applicant Records and published in the Federal Register Your obligation to respond is mandatory Right arrow COMPLY WITHOUT DELAYD NONCOMPLIANCE BUILDER DOES Condition "A " (No evidence of noncompliance observed) ischecked if the work has progressed to the inspection stage beingreported upon and has been completed in accordance with plans Condition "B " (Substitutions or deviations) is reported wherevariations from plans and specifications and/or deviations fromthe applicable Minimum Property Requirements are found toexist regardless of whether or not costs are affected When thebuilder is under contract with a veteran owner a change ordersigned by the veteran must be exhibited if this condition is to bechecked In these cases the substitution or deviation is listed with Condition "C " (Noncompliance builder will comply withoutdelay) is reported when unapproved variations are found and thebuilder is willing and able to satisfactorily correct or complete thework during the normal course of construction Condition "D " (Noncompliance builder does not intend tocomply) is reported when the builder indicates unwillingness or Condition "E " (Dwelling habitable but completion of certainimprovements will be delayed by conditions beyond control) isreported only at third inspection or thereafter; e g when allbuilding improvements are complete except a concrete driveway CONDITION OF CONSTRUCTION AT THIS INSPECTIONITEMIZED AND DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS: CONTINUATION OF ITEMS 1 2 OR 3 Department of Veterans Affairs ESTIMATED COST FIRSTSECONDTHIRDSPECIAL INSPECTIONA B C D E HEADING The following entries are made: Property streetaddress or lot and block number builder's name and address andlender's name and address The case number and veteran's nameand address are also entered if provided however the report shall indicate "Reinspection Required" If thework has progressed beyond the required inspection stage to suchan extent that significant items to be inspected have beenconcealed the inspection will be deferred until the concealedwork has been uncovered so as to permit satisfactory inspection If variations are observed condition "B" "C" "D" or "E" or acombination thereof is checked as appropriate In these instancesthe specific variations are listed in the blank lines provided anditemized by use of the letters "B" "C" "D" or "E" as they mayapply Where appropriate specific reference to sections of theregulations should be indicated If additional space is required inability to correct or complete items of noncompliance INSTRUCTIONS TO COMPLIANCE INSPECTOR ITEM 1 The stage of construction at which inspection isbeing made is indicated by use of the appropriate check box Firstinspection is made at one of two alternative stages whichever hasbeen designated for the subject locality by the VA regional office ITEM 2 This item is completed when making the regularthird inspection described in Item 1 Blank lines are provided forreporting inspection findings with respect to offsite improvementssuch as walks drives streets and utilities specified for the subjectproperty As in Item 1 condition "A" "B" "C" "D" or "E" ischecked and a description of the condition written in Whereincomplete or unsatisfactory work is reported "ReinspectionRequired" is checked ITEM 3 This item is used for reporting findings revealed byan additional inspection occasioned by the requirement forReinspection made on a previous report Entries are made in themanner prescribed under Items 1 and 2 above ITEM 4 When condition "E" has been checked under Item1 or 3 the inspector enters an estimate of the cost of finishing theincomplete onsite work and the expected date of completion Thecost of any incomplete offsite work is not included ITEM 5 All inspection reports (First Second Third MAR 200726 1839WILL BE USED NAME AND ADDRESS OF LENDER (Complete mailing address including ZIP Code) NAME OF BUILDER NONCOMPLIANCE OBSERVEDB SUBSTITUTIONS NOT INTEND TO COMPLYE DWELLING HABITABLE BUT COMPLETION OF CERTAIN IMPROVEMENTS NOTE The VA case number and other identification (address lot and blocknumber) assigned to the property shall be posted on the site and be so locatedthat the notice can be read from the street Inability to identify the property mayprevent inspection NOTE TO BUILDER Unapproved report left at site for builder's convenience is subject to change Consult lending institution for OFFICIAL REPORT OMB Approved No 2900 0041Respondent Burden: 15 minutes One copy is retained by the inspector for his or her case file Theremaining copy is forwarded directly to the Valuation Officer OR DEVIATIONSC NONCOMPLIANCE BUILDER WILL PRIVACY ACT INFORMATION The VA will not disclose information collected on this form to any source other than what has been authorized under the Privacy Act of 1974 or Title 5 PROBABLE DATE OF COMPLETION PROPERTY IDENTIFICATION (Include lot and block) RECOMMENDATION TO VALUATION OFFICER VAREGIONAL LOAN CENTER When a report shows"substitutions or deviations" it must be submitted together withan itemized statement by the inspector showing dollar differencesin construction cost occasioned by such changes REINSPECTION REQUIRED RESPONDENT BURDEN: We need this information to determine establish orverify the dwellings compliance with the Minimum Property Requirements andeligibility for VA Specially Adapted Housing grant stage disbursement Title38 United States Code allows us to ask for this information We estimate thatyou will need an average of 15 minutes to review the instructions find theinformation and complete this form VA cannot conduct or sponsor acollection of information unless a valid OMB control number is displayed Youare not required to respond to a collection of information if this number is notdisplayed Valid OMB control numbers can be located on the OMB Internetpage at www whitehouse gov/omb/library/OMBINV VA EPA html#VA Ifdesired you can call 1 800 827 1000 to get information on where to sendcomments or suggestions about this form Right arrow Right arrow Right arrow SIGNATURE OF DESIGNATED COMPLIANCE INSPECTOR SIGNATURE OF VALUATION OFFICER OR DESIGNEE Special or Reinspection) are completed insofar as the inspector isconcerned by execution of the certification It is to be noted thatthe certification is so worded that final acceptance and approval isnot indicated at any stage This affords the inspector or regionaloffice construction analyst the opportunity of reportingnoncompliance which may have been overlooked at a previousinspection specifications and Minimum Property Requirements When thiscondition is indicated no further entries are made in Item 1 of theform SUBMISSION OF REPORT An unapproved copy of allreports is left at the job site for the convenience of the builder the carbons may be reversed and the back of the form used The Compliance Inspection Report VA Form 26 1839 iscompleted as follows: the notation "per veteran's change order" Under "Condition of Construction at this Inspection" theappropriate condition or conditions are checked in accordancewith the following: VA COMPLIANCE INSPECTOR REQUIRED VA FORMEXISTING STOCKS OF VA FORM 26 1839 APR 2004 VA Regional Loan Center walk and steps which cannot be poured because of freezingweather When making a compliance inspection the inspector musthave at hand reports of any previous inspections approved plansand specifications and a statement of any specific offsiterequirements for the property to be inspected Other requiredreferences include HUD regulation in 24 CFR 200 962d Theinspector makes a careful examination of all improvements toascertain whether or not the work is at the stage of completionrequired for the inspection being made whether or not items ofnoncompliance listed on a previous report have been corrected When noncompliance condition "C" has been checked at firstor second inspection the inspector indicates whether the item tobe corrected or completed will be inspected at the next regularinspection or whether reinspection will be required The checkboxes at the bottom of Item 1 are used for this purpose In thesecases reinspection is required when the work to be inspected willbe concealed before the next regular inspection Whennoncompliance or incomplete work condition "C" or "E" isreported at third inspection "Reinspection Required" is checkedin all cases WILL BE DELAYED BY CONDITIONS BEYOND CONTROL INSPECTION BY