Form 26-6393 Loan Analysis

(1 NAME OF BORROWER) (10 SPOUSE'S AGE) (11 OCCUPATION OF SPOUSE) (12 NUMBER OF YEARS AT PRESENT EMPLOYMENT) (13 AGE OF DEPENDENTS) (14 TERM OF LOAN: YEARS) (15 MORTGAGE PAYMENT (Principal and Interest)) (15 MORTGAGE PAYMENT AMOUNT) (16 REALTY TAXES AMOUNT) (17 HAZARD INSURANCE AMOUNT) (18 SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS AMOUNT) (19 MAINTENANCE UTILITIES AMOUNT) (2 AMOUNT OF LOAN) (20 OTHER (HOA Condo fees etcetera)) (22 MONTHLY PAYMENT) (22 SECTION D ITEMS) (22 UNPAID BALANCE) (23 MONTHLY PAYMENT) (23 SECTION D ITEMS) (23 UNPAID BALANCE) (24 MONTHLY PAYMENT) (24 SECTION D ITEMS) (24 UNPAID BALANCE) (25 MONTHLY PAYMENT) (25 SECTION D ITEMS) (25 UNPAID BALANCE) (26 MONTHLY PAYMENT) (26 SECTION D ITEMS) (26 UNPAID BALANCE) (27 MONTHLY PAYMENT) (27 SECTION D ITEMS) (27 UNPAID BALANCE) (28 MONTHLY PAYMENT) (28 SECTION D ITEMS) (28 UNPAID BALANCE) (29 MONTHLY PAYMENT) (3 CASH DOWN PAYMENT ON PURCHASE PRICE) (30 TOTAL MONTHLY PAYMENT) (30 TOTAL UNPAID BALANCE) (31 BORROWER GROSS SALARY OR (31 SPOUSE GROSS SALARY OR (31 TOTAL GROSS SALARY OR (32 BORROWER FEDERAL INCOME TAX DEDUCTIONS) (32 SPOUSE FEDERAL INCOME TAX DEDUCTIONS) (33 BORROWER STATE INCOME TAX DEDUCTIONS) (33 SPOUSE STATE INCOME TAX DEDUCTIONS) (34 BORROWER RETIREMENT OR SOCIAL SECURITY DEDUCTIONS) (34 SPOUSE RETIREMENT OR SOCIAL SECURITY DEDUCTIONS) (35 BORROWER OTHER (Specify) DEDUCTIONS) (35 SPOUSE OTHER (Specify) DEDUCTIONS) (36 BORROWER TOTAL DEDUCTIONS) (36 SPOUSE TOTAL DEDUCTIONS) (36 TOTAL DEDUCTIONS) (37 BORROWER NET TAKE HOME PAY) (37 SPOUSE NET TAKE HOME PAY) (37 TOTAL NET TAKE HOME PAY) (38 BORROWER PENSION COMPENSATION (38 SPOUSE PENSION COMPENSATION (38 TOTAL PENSION COMPENSATION (39 BORROWER TOTAL) (39 SPOUSE TOTAL) (39 TOTAL (Sum of line 37 and 38)) (4 APPLICANT'S AGE) (40 LESS THOSE OBLIGATIONS LISTED (41 TOTAL NET EFFECTIVE INCOME) (42 LESS ESTIMATED MONTHLY (43 BORROWER BALANCE AVAILABLE (43 TOTAL BALANCE AVAILABLE (44 RATIO (Sum of Items 15 16 17 (47 REMARKS (Use reverse or attach (48 A VALUE) (48B EXPIRATION DATE) (49 DATE (5 OCCUPATION OF APPLICANT) (50 SIGNATURE OF EXAMINER/UNDERWRITER (52 DATE Enter 2 digit month 2 digit day and 4 digit year ) (53 SIGNATURE AND TITLE OF APPROVING OFFICIAL (6 NUMBER OF YEARS AT PRESENT EMPLOYMENT) (7 LIQUID ASSETS (Cash savings bonds etcetera)) (8 CURRENT MONTHLY HOUSING EXPENSE) (e g child care) (If additional space is needed please use reverse or attach a separate sheet) (Itemize and indicate by ( ) which debts considered in Section E Line 40) (LOAN NUMBER) (Principal and Interest) @% (Specify) (This Property) (TOTAL AMOUNT) (YEARS) 1 NAME OF BORROWER 10 SPOUSE'S AGE 11 OCCUPATION OF SPOUSE 12 NUMBER OF YEARS AT 13 AGE OF DEPENDENTS 14 TERM OF LOAN:YRS 16 REALTY TAXES 17 HAZARD INSURANCE 18 20 and 40 divided by the sum of 18 SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS 19 MAINTENANCE & UTILITIES 2 AMOUNT OF LOAN 20 OTHER (HOA Condo fees etc ) 21 TOTAL$ 29 JOB RELATED EXPENSE 3 CASH DOWN PAYMENT ON PURCHASE 30 TOTAL$ 33 STATE INCOME TAX 34 RETIREMENT OR SOCIAL SECURITY 35 OTHER (Specify) 36 TOTAL DEDUCTIONS$ 37 NET TAKE HOME PAY 38 PENSION COMPENSATION OR OTHER NET INCOME (Specify) 39 TOTAL (Sum of lines 37 and 38)$ 4 APPLICANT'S AGE 40 LESS THOSE OBLIGATIONS LISTED IN SECTION D WHICH SHOULD BE DEDUCTED FROM INCOME 41 TOTAL NET EFFECTIVE INCOME$ 42 LESS ESTIMATED MONTHLY SHELTER EXPENSE (Line 21) 43 BALANCE AVAILABLE FOR FAMILY SUPPORT$ 44 RATIO (Sum of Items 15 16 17 18 20 and 40sum of Items 31 and 38) 45 PAST CREDIT RECORDSATISFACTORYUNSATISFACTORYNO 46 DOES LOAN MEET VA CREDIT STANDARDS? (Give reasons for decision under "Remarks " ifnecessary e g 47 REMARKS (Use reverse or attach a separate sheet if necessary) 48A VALUE 48B EXPIRATION DATE 48C ECONOMIC LIFEYRS 49 DATE 5 OCCUPATION OF APPLICANT 50 SIGNATURE OF EXAMINER/UNDERWRITER 51 FINAL ACTIONAPPROVE 52 DATE 53 SIGNATURE AND TITLE OF APPROVING OFFICIAL 6 NUMBER OF YEARS AT 7 LIQUID ASSETS(Cash 8 CURRENT MONTHLY 9 UTILITIES INCLUDEDNOYES a separate sheet if necessary)) APPLICATION APPLICATIONREJECT borderline case) collection of this information We estimate that you will need an average of 30 minutes to review the instructions find the information and complete this form VA cannot conduct or sponsor a collection of information unless a valid OMB control number is displayed You are not required to respond to a collection of information if this Congress or staff person acting for the member when the request is made on behalf of the individual) identified in the VA system of records 55VA26 Loan Guaranty CRV DATA (VA USE) DEDUCTIONSFEDERAL INCOME TAX$ Department of Veterans Affairs EARNINGS FROM EMPLOYMENT) EARNINGS FROM EMPLOYMENT) Enter 2 digit month 2 digit day and 4 digit year ) FOR FAMILY SUPPORT ) FOR FAMILY SUPPORT GUIDELINE AMOUNT FROM INCOME) GUIDELINE GUIDELINE) Home Condominium and Manufactured Home Loan Applicant Records Specially Adapted Housing Applicant Records and Vendee Loan Applicant Records VA HOUSING EXPENSE If desired you can call 1 800 827 1000 to get information on where to send comments or suggestions about this form IN SECTION D WHICH SHOULD BE DEDUCTED Items 31 and 38)) ITEMSAMOUNTITEMS( )MO PAYMENTUNPAID BAL LOAN NUMBER MORTGAGE PAYMENT NOTE: ROUND ALL DOLLAR AMOUNTS BELOW TO NEAREST WHOLE DOLLARSECTION C ESTIMATED MONTHLY SHELTER EXPENSES NOV 201226 6393WILL BE USED number is not displayed Valid OMB control numbers can be located on the OMB Internet Page at: www reginfo gov/public/do/PRASearch of 1974 or Title 5 Code of Federal Regulations 1 526 for routine uses as (i e the record of an individual who is covered by this system may be disclosed to a member of OMB Control No 2900 0523 OR OTHER NET INCOME (Specify)) OR OTHER NET INCOME (Specify)) PRESENT EMPLOYMENT PRICE PRIVACY ACT INFORMATION: The VA will not disclose information collected on this form to any source other than what has been authorized under the Privacy Act published in the Federal Register Your obligation to respond is required in order to determine the veteran's qualifications for the loan Recommend that the application be approved since it meets all requirements of Chapter 37 Title 38 U S Code and applicable VA Regulations and directives Respondent Burden: 30 minutes RESPONDENT BURDEN: This information is needed to help determine a veteran's qualifications for a VA guaranteed loan Title 38 USC section 3710 authorizes savings bonds etc ) SECTION A LOAN DATA SECTION B BORROWER'S PERSONAL AND FINANCIAL STATUS SECTION D DEBTS AND OBLIGATIONS SECTION E MONTHLY INCOME AND DEDUCTIONSITEMSSPOUSEBORROWERTOTAL31 GROSS SALARY OR EARNINGS FROM EMPLOYMENT SECTION F DISPOSITION OF APPLICATION AND UNDERWRITER CERTIFICATIONRecommend that the application be disapproved for the reasons stated under "Remarks" above SHELTER EXPENSE (Line 21)) The undersigned underwriter certifies that he/she personally reviewed and approved this loan (Loan was closed on the automatic basis ) This is a protected field ) VA FORM EXISTING STOCKS OF VA FORM 26 6393 SEP 2006