Form DR-452 Fillable Return of Real Property in Attempt to Establish Adverse Possession without Color of Title R.07/13
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cultivated maintained or improved in a usual protected by substantial Signature and seal notary public Signature of claimant(s) Signature property appraiser or deputy the property claimed is only a portion of this (Check all that apply ) A signed copy of this return has been delivered to the claimant(s) A copy will be sent to the owner of record A tax payment made by the owner of record before April 1 the year after the taxes were assessed will have priority over a payment made by the ADVERSE POSSESSION WITHOUT COLOR OF TITLE claimant An adverse possession claim will be removed if the owner of record or tax collector furnishes a receipt to the property appraiser showing COMPLETED BY ADVERSE POSSESSION CLAIMANT COMPLETED BY PROPERTY APPRAISER County of Date claimant entered into possession of property Date of filing Dates of payments of any outstanding taxes or liens levied by the state county or municipality: Describe your use of the property in detail below DR 452 Effective 01/14 enclosure ENFORCEABLE BY LAW IN THE DESCRIBED PROPERTY For residential structures a person who occupies or attempts to occupy a residential structure solely by claim of adverse possession prior to making a further acknowledge that the return does not create any interest enforceable by law in the described property Legal description of property claimed Fields will expand online or you may add pages Mailing address manner Must be full and complete If the property appraiser cannot identify the property from the legal description you may be required to Name of claimant(s) obtain a survey parcel ID Parcel ID if available payment of taxes by the owner of record during the period of the claim (S 95 18 F S ) personally known to me or who produced as identification Phone possession and offers the property for lease to another commits theft under s 812 014 F S Provisional R 07/13 Received in the office of the property appraiser of County Florida on return commits trespass under s 810 08 F S A person who occupies or attempts to occupy a residential structure solely by claim of adverse RETURN OF REAL PROPERTY IN ATTEMPT TO ESTABLISH Section 95 18 Florida Statutes State of Florida The person claiming adverse possession (claimant) must file this return with the property appraiser in the county where the property is located as required in s 95 18(1) F S This instrument was sworn to and subscribed before me on by This property has been: THIS RETURN DOES NOT CREATE ANY INTEREST This return is a public record and may be inspected by any person under s 119 01 F S TO THE OWNER OF RECORD Under penalty of perjury I declare that I have read the foregoing return and that the facts stated in it are true and correct I