Form RT-8A Fillable Correction to Employer's Quarterly or Annual Domestic Report R.01/13
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Annual Report for Employers of Domestic Employees Only (RT 7 formerly UCT 7) Employer's Quarterly Report (RT 6 formerly UCT 6) Employer's Quarterly Report for Employees Contracted to Governmental or Nonprofit include the exact information from the original report indicate on the next line that this is a "SSN change" or "name change" and list the corrected information on the line below Quarterly Report for Out of State Taxable Wages (RT 6NF formerly UCT 6NF) RT 8A (AmountTotal) (CheckBox1) Unchecked (CorrEW) (CorrGW) (CorrTotalDue) (CorrTW) (DateField2) (DiffEW) (DiffGW) (DiffTotalDue) (DiffTW) (DropDownList1) (EndingDateDD1) (EndingDateDD2) (EndingDateMM1) (EndingDateMM2) (EndingDateYY1) (EndingDateYY2) (EW1) (EW10) (EW10C) (EW11) (EW11C) (EW12) (EW12C) (EW13) (EW13C) (EW14) (EW14C) (EW15) (EW15C) (EW16) (EW16C) (EW17) (EW17C) (EW18) (EW18C) (EW19) (EW19C) (EW1C) (EW2) (EW2C) (EW3) (EW3C) (EW4) (EW4C) (EW5) (EW5C) (EW6) (EW6C) (EW7) (EW7C) (EW8) (EW8C) (EW9) (EW9C) (EWAllPages) (EWAllPagesC) (EWThisPage) (EWThisPageC) (EWTotalpg2) (EWTotalpg2C) (FEINum1) (FEINum2) (FEINum3) (FEINum4) (FEINum5) (FEINum6) (FEINum7) (FEINum8) (FEINum9) (GW1) (GW10) (GW10C) (GW11) (GW11C) (GW12) (GW12C) (GW13) (GW13C) (GW14) (GW14C) (GW15) (GW15C) (GW16) (GW16C) (GW17) (GW17C) (GW18) (GW18C) (GW19) (GW19C) (GW1C) (GW2) (GW2C) (GW3) (GW3C) (GW4) (GW4C) (GW5) (GW5C) (GW6) (GW6C) (GW7) (GW7C) (GW8) (GW8C) (GW9) (GW9C) (GWAllPages) (GWAllPagesC) (GWThisPage) (GWThisPageC) (GWTotalpg2) (GWTotalpg2C) (OOS1) (OOS10) (OOS10C) (OOS11) (OOS11C) (OOS12) (OOS12C) (OOS13) (OOS13C) (OOS14) (OOS14C) (OOS15) (OOS15C) (OOS16) (OOS16C) (OOS17) (OOS17C) (OOS18) (OOS18C) (OOS19) (OOS19C) (OOS1C) (OOS2) (OOS2C) (OOS3) (OOS3C) (OOS4) (OOS4C) (OOS5) (OOS5C) (OOS6) (OOS6C) (OOS7) (OOS7C) (OOS8) (OOS8C) (OOS9) (OOS9C) (OOSAllPages) (OOSAllPagesC) (OOSThisPage) (OOSThisPageC) (OOSTotalpg2) (OOSTotalpg2C) (OrigEW) (OrigGW) (OrigTotalDue) (OrigTW) (Previous RT 8A) Unchecked (RT 6 ) Unchecked (RT 7 or) Unchecked (RTNum1) (RTNum2) (RTNum3) (RTNum4) (RTNum5) (RTNum6) (RTNum7) (SignatureField1 (Click to sign)) Signature field is unsigned (TextField1) (TextField1) (TextField1) (TextField1) (TextField1) (TextField1) (TextField1) (TextField2) (TextField3) (TextField3) (TextField3) (TextField3) (TextField3) (TextField3) (TextField3) (TextField3) (TextField3) (TextField3) (TextField3) (TextField3) (TextField3) (TextField3) (TextField3) (TextField3) (TextField3) (TextField3) (TextField3) (TextField3) (TextField4) (TW1) (TW10) (TW10C) (TW11) (TW11C) (TW12) (TW12C) (TW13) (TW13C) (TW14) (TW14C) (TW15) (TW15C) (TW16) (TW16C) (TW17) (TW17C) (TW18) (TW18C) (TW19) (TW19C) (TW1C) (TW2) (TW2C) (TW3) (TW3C) (TW4) (TW4C) (TW5) (TW5C) (TW6) (TW6C) (TW7) (TW7C) (TW8) (TW8C) (TW9) (TW9C) (TWAllPages) (TWAllPagesC) (TWThisPage) (TWThisPageC) (TWTotalpg2) (TWTotalpg2C) (You do not need to complete the Payment Coupon if you owe no additional tax ) 1 Employee's Social Security Number 10 Education Wages 11 If this information changes the figures on your original report please complete the section below 2 Employee's Name (Last First Middle) 2009 = 09 3 Gross Wages 4 Taxable Wages 5 Out of State Taxable 5050 W Tennessee Street 6 Education Wages 7 Gross Wages 8 Taxable Wages 9 Out of State Taxable 9100 0 99999999 0068054049 2 5009999999 0000 4 A Amounts Originally Reported on ACCOUNT NO Address AMOUNT ENCLOSED Annual filers will need to complete one RT 8A for each quarter being corrected B Corrected Wages be equal to the amounts that were entered on the original Be sure to SIGN YOUR CHECK C Difference Cents changes: Check here if you transmitted City/St/ZIP Column A Amounts Originally Reported on RT 6 RT 7 or Previous RT 8A must Column B Corrected Amounts for RT 6 or RT 7 should equal the new total gross Column C Difference is the net change to the total gross wages excess wages COMPLETE and MAIL with your REPORT/PAYMENT Complete pages 1 and 2 for corrections to the Employer's Quarterly or Annual Domestic Report Complete page 3 only if payment is Complete reverse side if additional lines are needed Corrected Wages Reported Correcting employee SSN or name If you are correcting the employee SSN or Correction to Employer's Quarterly or Annual Domestic Report Correction to Employer's Quarterly or Annual Domestic Report Instructions Correction to Reporting Period Ending corrections result in a credit any applicable refund will be sent to you credit or the amount of additional tax due December 31 = 12 2010 = 10 DETACH DO NOT DOR USE ONLY Educational Institutions (Form RT 6EW formerly UCT 6EW) Employer's Name enclosed Return completed form and coupon if applicable to the Department ENDING MM/YY Enter the additional tax due in the "Amount Enclosed" field If the individual wage Enter the employer's legal entity name and mailing address in the space provided Enter the federal employer identification number in the "F E I Number" boxes Enter the two digit month and two digit year of the quarter for which you are reporting Excess Wages Explain in detail the reason for correction F E I Number Florida Administrative Code Florida Department of Revenue funds electronically Gross Wages I certify that the information contained in this report is true and correct IMPORTANT included in the "Totals (all pages)" boxes on page 1 Item 10 Enter the employee Corrected Education Wages as it should be on the Item 11 Item 3 Enter the employee Gross Wages as reported on the original RT 6 RT 7 or Item 4 Enter the employee Taxable Wages as reported on the original RT 6 RT 7 or Item 5 Enter the employee Out of State Taxable Wages as reported on the original Item 6 Enter the employee Education Wages as entered on the original RT 6EW Item 7 Enter the employee Corrected Gross Wages as it should be on the RT 6 or Item 8 Enter the employee Corrected Taxable Wages as it should be on the RT 6 or Item 9 Enter the employee Corrected Out of State Taxable Wages as it should be on Items 1 and 2 Enter the social security number (SSN) and name as reported on the June 30 = 06 2012 = 12 Mail the original completed form and coupon along with any remittance due to: Make check payable to Florida U C Fund Make check payable to: Florida U C Fund March 31 = 03 2013 = 13 Month Year name: Need Assistance? original report RT 6 RT 6NF RT 7 or RT 6EW Original Wages Reported originally reported (Column A) The column will also indicate either the amount of the Page 2 Page 3 Payment Coupon Payment Coupon Completion Instructions PAYMENT FOR QUARTER Phone No Please write ACCOUNT NUMBER on your check POSTMARK OR HAND DELIVERY DATE Previous RT 8A previous RT 8A reports R 01/13 R 01/13 reporting quarter being corrected RT 6 RT 7 or Previous RT 8A reports for the total gross wages excess wages taxable RT 6EW RT 6NF RT 7 or RT 8A RT 8A RT Account Number Rule 73B 10 037 sections 213 053 and 119 071 Florida Statutes and not subject to disclosure as public records Collection of your SSN is authorized under state and federal law Visit our Internet site at www myflorida com/dor and See page 3 for complete instructions and payment coupon select "Privacy Notice" for more information regarding the state and federal law governing the collection use or release of SSNs including authorized exceptions September 30 = 09 2011 = 11 Signature Social security numbers (SSNs) are used by the Florida Department of Revenue as unique identifiers for the administration of Florida's taxes SSNs obtained for tax administration purposes are confidential under State Street Address submitted: Tallahassee FL 32399 0180 Tax Due Taxable Wages taxable wages and tax due between the corrected amount (Column B) and what was the RT 6NF This form (RT 8A formerly UCT 8A) is used to correct errors made on the originally through Friday 8 a m to 7 p m ET at 800 352 3671 Title To speak with a Department of Revenue representative call Taxpayer Services Monday Totals (all pages) Totals (this page only) Totals (this page) Totals from this page will automatically be US Dollars wages and tax due for the reporting quarter being corrected wages excess wages taxable wages and tax due as it should be recorded for the Wages Year to Date Wages Year to Date Write the seven digit RT account number in the "Account No " boxes