Form SC4506 Fillable Request for Copy of Tax Form
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5 Tax form number 8 Telephone number REQUEST FOR COPY OF TAX RETURN $1 00 each period requested $1 00 each period requested $2 50 each period requested $5 00 each period requested (1 Name of taxpayer(s) as shown on tax form ) (CopiesForCourtAdmin) Unchecked (County) (Item11Amt) (NbrofPeriods) (No more than 4 per request) (PrintedName) (radiobutton) Unchecked (radiobutton) Unchecked (radiobutton) Unchecked (radiobutton) Unchecked (Rev 7/6/12) (Sales Tax Rate:) (SignatureDt) (SpouseSSN) (SSNFEIN) (SubTotal) $0 00 (TaxFormNbr) (TaxPeriod1) (TaxPeriod2) (TaxPeriod3) (TaxPeriod4) (ThirdPartyNameAddr) (ThirdPartyNameDiff) (TimetoCall) (Title) (TotalDue) $0 00 (TPNameAddr) * Fee is for administrative costs associated with Records research 10 Convenient time for us to call 11 Check only one box 12 Dollar amount indicated in item 11 13 Number of periods requested in item 7 14 Subtotal (multiply item 12 by item 13) 15 South Carolina sales tax (multiply item 14 by the sales tax rate applicable to your county or 16 Total due (item 14 plus item 15) 31031016 31032014 94 8001 address address (See instructions) address is provided in line 6 below ) Amount Due: be a power of attorney (SC2848) or tax information authorization board will know which file should be associated with the return information Copies of sales and withholding tax returns can be furnished only to the owner(s) of the business If you are not the owner Copy of individual income corporate tax and partnership returns Copy of other business returns Corporate Annual Report Corporate Annual Report information only County of the individual making the request Current name and address (Information will be mailed to this address if no other DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE example item 1 may be the parents of a student applying for financial aid Show the student's name in item 9 so the scholarship Example: You have a copy of your 2007 tax return but need a copy of your 2005 and 2006 returns Check the first box in item 11 federal employer identification number should be entered for identification purposes If information is to be mailed to someone else show the third party's name and If name in third party's records differs from item 1 above show here (See If the taxpayer is deceased you must send enough evidence to establish that you are authorized to act for the taxpayer's estate If you are not the taxpayer shown in item 1 you must send a copy of your authorization to receive the information This will generally Important: Full payment must be included with this request include the name of an individual with the address in item 6 Individual Income Corporate Partnership and other business returns: Individual Income tax account information screen print information (You must allow at least 12 weeks processing time after a return is filed before requesting a copy or other information ) instructions) It is mandatory that you provide your social security number on this tax form 42 U S C 405(c)(2)(C)(i) permits a state to use an individual's social Item 1 Enter the name of the individual taxpayer(s) or corporation as shown on the requested tax return Item 1 Name of individual or business shown on Sales or Withholding tax return Item 11 Income Tax Account Information only Individual taxpayers will receive the information contained on the front of their Item 2 For individuals the social security number is written in the manner of 000 00 0000 For businesses and certain others the Item 2 License/registration/file number should be shown on this line for sales tax copy requests Item 3 Copies will be mailed to the address of record if business is open If business is closed we will need a current mailing Item 6 Copies of Sales and Withholding tax returns can be mailed only to the owner(s) of the business Item 6 If you named someone else to receive the information (such as a CPA scholarship board or mortgage issuer) you must Item 7 Enter the year(s) of the tax form you are requesting For fiscal year filers or requests for quarterly returns enter the date the Item 7 Indicate period(s) desired showing month and year If a complete calendar year is desired then so indicate Item 9 Be sure to write the name of the client student or applicant in item 9 if it is different from the name shown in item 1 For Items 12 16 For a copy of sales or withholding tax return or account information the following computation should be used to figure Items 12 16 The following example shows how to calculate the amount of money you must send with your request: jurisdiction) Name of taxpayer(s) as shown on tax form Nonresident Real Estate Withholding Note: If you had your return filled out by a paid preparer check first to see if you can get a copy from the preparer Note: If you need these copies for court or administrative proceedings check here number or license / registration / file number as Office Use Only or Tax Account Information period ended If you need more than four different periods use additional request forms Returns which were filed six or more permit you to use tax return information provided by South Carolina instead Corporate taxpayers will receive information from their Please Please allow at least 45 days for delivery when requesting a copy of a return or at least 30 days when requesting return Please Print and read instructions before completing this form Print Name required If your name has changed sign form SC4506 exactly as your name appeared on the return and also sign with your current return Students applying for financial aid may be required to give the college a copy of their tax return However the school may Sales and Withholding Tax Returns: Sales tax return or account information SC Department of Revenue Photocopy Section Columbia SC 29214 0014 SC4506 SC4506 Instructions security number as means of identification in administration of any tax SC Regulation 117 201 mandates that any person required to make a return to shown on tax form Signature Signature (see instructions) Date Social security or federal employer identification Social Security Privacy Act Disclosure Spouse's social security number as shown on tax STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA Tax period(s) (example 2008 etc ) Tax returns and return information about joint returns may be disclosed to either the husband or the wife Only one signature is the amount of money to send with your request: $1 00 per period multiplied (x) by the number of periods plus sales tax the records must be subpoenaed the SC Department of Revenue shall provide identifying numbers as prescribed for securing proper identification Your social security number is used This may save you both time and money Title (If item 1 above is a corporation partnership estate or trust) Use this form to request copies of tax return or tax account information Where to File: Withholding Quarterly return Write your social security number or federal employer identification number and "Form SC4506 Request" on your check years ago may not be available for making copies Your cost will be $10 60 ($5 00 x 2 years plus 60 sales tax)