Form 540NR Schedule CA California Adjustments - Nonresidents and Part-Year Residents

(a) 15(b) (b) 9(a) (or Schedule A (Form 1040NR) lines 1 5 6 13 and 14) 38 1 a I was domiciled in (enter state or country) 2 I became a California resident (enter the state of prior residence and date of move) 3 I became a nonresident (enter new state of residence and date of move) 4 I was a nonresident of California the entire year (enter state or country of residence) 5 The number of days I spent in California (for any purpose) is: 6 I owned a home/property in California (enter Yes or No ) 7 I was a California resident for the period of (enter dates) 7 Wages salaries tips etc See instructions 8 I entered California on (enter date) 8 Taxable interest (b) 8(a) 9 I left California on (enter date) 9 Ordinary dividends See instructions a California lottery winnings a a and local income taxes 10 b Disaster loss carryover from FTB 3805V b b b I was in the military and stationed in (enter state or country) before making an entry in column B or C 7 c Federal NOL (Form 1040 line 21) c c d NOL carryover from FTB 3805V 21 d d 21 21 e NOL from FTB 3805D FTB 3805Z f Other (describe): f f FTB 3806 FTB 3807 or FTB 3809 e e General Sales Tax) and line 8 (foreign taxes only) (or Schedule A (Form 1040NR) line 1) See instructions 39 government officials 24 Head of household $249 852 instructions (a) 16(b) Last name 31a Married/RDP filing jointly head of household or qualifying widow(er) $7 538 44 Married/RDP filing jointly or qualifying widow(er) $333 134 No Transfer the amount on line 42 to line 43 performing artists and fee basis qualified plans 28 S corporations trusts etc 17 Single or married/RDP filing separately $166 565 Single or married/RDP filing separately $3 769 through line 35 in each column A through E 36 to four places If the result is greater than 1 0000 enter 1 0000 If less than zero enter 0 47 Yes Complete the Itemized Deductions Worksheet in the instructions for Schedule CA (540NR) line 43 43 zero enter 0 49 (difference between (difference between (income earned or (subtract col B from (subtract column B from column A; (taxable amounts from 10 Taxable refunds credits or offsets of state 11 Alimony received See instructions 11 12 Business income or (loss) 12 13 Capital gain or (loss) See instructions 13 14 Other gains or (losses) 14 15 IRA distributions See instructions 16 Pensions and annuities See 17 Rental real estate royalties partnerships 18 Farm income or (loss) 18 19 Unemployment compensation 19 20 Social security benefits (a) 20(b) 21 Other income 22 a Total: Combine line 7 through line 21 22 b Enter totals from 23 Educator expenses 23 24 Certain business expenses of reservists 25 Health savings account deduction 25 26 Moving expenses 26 27 Deductible part of self employment tax 27 28 Self employed SEP SIMPLE and 29 Self employed health insurance deduction 29 30 Penalty on early withdrawal of savings 30 31a Alimony paid b Enter recipient s: 32 IRA deduction 32 33 Student loan interest deduction 33 34 Tuition and fees 34 35 Domestic production activities deduction 35 36 Add line 23 through line 31a and line 32 37 Total Subtract line 36 from line 22b in 38 Federal Itemized Deductions Enter the amount from federal Schedule A (Form 1040) line 29 39 Enter total of federal Schedule A (Form 1040) line 5 (State Disability Insurance and state and local income tax or 40 Subtract line 39 from line 38 40 41 Other adjustments including California lottery losses See instructions Specify 41 42 Combine line 40 and line 41 42 43 Is your federal AGI (Long Form 540NR line 13) more than the amount shown below for your filing status? 44 Enter the larger of the amount on line 43 or your standard deduction listed below 45 California AGI Enter your California AGI from line 37 column E 45 46 Enter your deductions from line 44 46 47 Deduction Percentage Divide line 37 column E by line 37 column D Carry the decimal 48 California Itemized/Standard Deductions Multiply line 46 by the percentage on line 47 48 49 California Taxable Income Subtract line 48 from line 45 Transfer this amount to Long Form 540NR line 35 If less than 7741113 7742113 add column C Additions as a nonresident) As If You Were a Before 2011: CA & federal law) CA & federal law) CA (540NR) CA Amounts CA Resident California Adjustments col A; add col C During 2011: Yourself Spouse/RDP each column A through E See instructions 37 earned or received Federal Amounts For Privacy Notice get form FTB 1131 from CA sources Important: Attach this schedule behind Long Form 540NR Side 3 as a supporting California schedule in each column Continue to Side 2 22a Income Adjustment Schedule line 22a column A through column E 22b Name(s) as shown on tax return Nonresidents or Part Year Residents Part I Residency Information Complete all lines that apply to you and your spouse/RDP Part II Income Adjustment Schedule Part III Adjustments to Federal Itemized Deductions Part IV California Taxable Income received as a CA resident and income SCHEDULE Schedule CA (540NR) 2011 Side Schedule CA (540NR) Side 1 Section A Income Section B Adjustments to Income See instructions See instructions Side Schedule CA (540NR) 2011 (REV 01 2012) SSN or ITIN Subtractions TAXABLE YEAR to the result) Total Amounts Using CA Law your federal tax return)