Form IT-140-ES Individual Estimated Income Tax Payment

Account #: Address Amount of This Payment Be sure to post your payment in the payment table If you are not a calendar year taxpayer you should see the instructions to determine the due dates of your payments Check here and complete the CHANGE OF ADDRESS if any information preprinted on this form is incorrect or changed: City State Zip City: Determine your estimated tax using the instruction brochure (Form IT 140ESI) avaliable at www wvtax gov Earl Ray Tomblin Governor Craig A Griffith Tax Commissioner Estimated tax payments should be mailed by the due date to: FOR ASSISTANCE CALL (304) 558 3333 TOLL FREE WITHIN WV (800) 982 8297 For more information visit our web site at: www wvtax gov File online at: https://mytaxes wvtax gov If you expect to owe at least $600 in State tax when you file your annual income tax return you are required to make estimated tax payments using this form INDIVIDUAL ESTIMATED INCOME TAX PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS FOR MAKING ESTIMATED PAYMENTS Mailing Address: MAKE CHECK PAYABLE AND MAIL TO: WEST VIRGINIA STATE TAX DEPARTMENT Name(s): NOTE: This return is for your use in filing and paying your individual estimated income tax To calculate the amount you should pay visit out website at https://www wvtax gov and click on the instruction brochure (FORM IT 140ESI) P 0 9 0 9 0 9 0 1 W P O Box 342 Charleston WV 25322 0342 Part 1: Payment Part 2: Change of Address PO BOX 342 CHARLESTON WV 25322 0342 State and Zip Code: STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA State Tax Department Tax Account Administration Div State Tax Department Tax Account Administration Division EST TAX ACCOUNT ADMINISTRATION DIVISION Taxable Year End: Payment Due Date: Write the amount of your payment on this form You must pay at least the minimum amount calculated using the instructions to avoid being penalized; however you may pay more than the minimum if you wish WV/IT 140ES rtL063 v 7 Web Your Social Security Number: Spouse's Social Security Number: