Form DR-1094 Income Withholding Tax Return

(Total of lines 3 4 and 5) (355) 1 Colorado tax withheld 1 Total Colorado tax withheld 1000 100 2 Overpayment (current year only) 2 Overpayment of tax for PRIOR 3 Total 1 minus 2 ADJUSTED FILING PERIOD AS AMENDED AS ORIGINALLY FILED Colorado Department of Revenue Colorado Department of Revenue W 2 Wage Denver CO 80261 0009 Due Date from W 2s only (100) Period Social Security Number 2 UNDERPAYMENT (Do not write in space below) (if overpayment) (Withholding from W 2 forms only) 3 Line 1 minus line 2 4 Penalty 4 Penalty (see instructions) (200) 5 Interest 5 Interest (see instructions) 0025 (300) 6 Amount Owed 6 Total Paid A AS FILED Account Number ACCOUNT NUMBER: List the Colorado business account number from your withholding certificate or sales tax license This number is 8 digits Do not list your FEIN or EFT number here After completing payroll and withholding Colorado income taxes as defined by the Colorado Income Tax Withholding Tables for Employers (DR 1098) report here the total tax collected for the filing period This is the Colorado withholding tax that will be reported at the end of the year on federal form W 2 Wage and Tax Statement All FYI publications forms and answers to frequently asked questions are available at www TaxColorado com the official Taxation Web site Or you may call (303) 238 7378 to speak with a representative AMENDING WITHHOLDING TAXES B AS CORRECTED C DIFFERENCE COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE Cut here and send only the coupon below Help us save time and your tax dollars DATE PAID Denver Colorado 80261 0009 DR 1094 (03/20/12) DR 1094 (03/20/12) Web FILING PERIOD: List here the filing period for this return Be sure you are using the correct period end date for your defined filing frequency If additional tax is owed file another return for the period the tax is due reporting only the additional amount owed at www Colorado gov/RevenueOnline If you cannot file electronically file a paper DR 1094 reporting only the additional tax due for the period If you overpaid for a period you may take a credit on a future return in the current calendar year The credit may be taken on a return/payment filed at www Colorado gov/RevenueOnline or a subsequent paper form W 2 Wage Withholding Tax Return (DR 1094) If you are unable to claim the credit on a subsequent DR 1094 within the calendar year you should claim a refund on your Annual Transmittal of State W 2 Forms (DR 1093) for the appropriate year Instructions for Completing Line 1 Enter the amount of Colorado income tax withheld for the period If the tax is zero file a zero return through Revenue Online at Line 2 If a previous period IN THE CURRENT TAX YEAR was overstated and paid complete the worksheet below and calculate the overpayment for the tax period Transfer the overpayment amount to line 2 of the DR 1094 Line 3 Calculate the net amount due by subtracting line 2 from line 1 Line 4 Complete only if return is being filed after the due date Penalty is calculated by determining how far past the due date the return is being filed If the return is filed within the first month after the due date calculate the penalty at 5% ( 05) of the tax due or $5 whichever is greater For each additional month thereafter the return is delinquent add one half of 1% ( 005) up to a maximum of 12% Line 5 Complete only if return is being filed after the due date Refer to publication FYI General 11 Colorado Civil Tax Penalties and Interest to calculate late payment interest Enter the calculated interest amount on line 5 Line 6 Add together the amounts listed on lines 3 4 and 5 This is the amount that is due Make check or money order payable to the Colorado Department of Revenue Use the memo to clearly list W 2 WTH your account number and tax period MAIL TO AND MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: ORIGINAL FILING PERIOD OVERPAYMENT Overpayment You may take a credit on a future return in the current calendar year only See instructions above If overpayment is claimed in a subsequent filing for the current calendar year note in the box Adjusted Filing Period the period date the credit was claimed PERIODS OF CURRENT YEAR Photocopy for your records Refunds will be issued from a DR 1093 filed at the end of February following the end of the calendar year For additional information or questions refer to publication FYI Withholding 5 Colorado Wage Withholding Tax Requirements at www TaxColorado com SEE BELOW FOR YOUR RECORDS SEE FORM AT BOTTOM OF PAGE Signature Date Phone Signed under penalty of perjury in the second degree Social Security Number 1 The DR 1094 is used by employers to report Colorado W 2 income taxes that have been withheld from employee pay Review publication FYI Withholding 5 Colorado Wage Withholding Tax Requirements for detailed information about filing requirements and frequencies The State may convert your check to a one time electronic banking transaction Your bank account may be debited as early as the same day received by the State If converted your check will not be returned If your check is rejected due to insufficient or uncollected funds the Department of Revenue may collect the payment amount directly from your bank account electronically to be subtracted from current tax (905) To prevent being billed by the Department when no taxes were withheld during the filing period file a zero return A paper zero return may be mailed or for fast and simple filing of a zero return access www Colorado gov/RevenueOnline and file electronically Underpayment Calculate the difference above Report only the difference for the period the additional tax is due per the instructions above Penalty and interest due will be calculated after the additional payment for the period has been received W 2 Wage Withholding Tax Return W 2 WAGE WITHHOLDING TAX: Withholding Tax Return www Colorado gov/RevenueOnline www TaxColorado com You may pay tax through Revenue Online www Colorado gov/RevenueOnline by echeck or credit card Or you may sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Visit www TaxColorado com and look for Business Services under the Online Services heading DO NOT FILE A PAPER DR 1094 IF YOU REMITTED THE WITHHOLDING TAXES VIA EFT