Form 741 Kentucky Fiduciary Income Tax Return

(attach Schedule(s) K 1) 10 (b) Withholding (attach wage and tax statements) 21(b) (c) Refundable Certified Rehabilitation Credit (KRS 141 382(1)(b)) 21(c) (d) Film Industry Tax Credit (KRS 141 383) 21(d) (e) Nonresident Withholding from Form PTE WH line 9 21(e) (f) Total of amounts on Line 21(a) through 21(e) 21(f) 1 Adjusted total income (enter amount from page 1 line 9) 1 1 Enter interest from bonds issued by other states and their political subdivisions 1 1 Federal adjusted total income (federal Form 1041 line 17) 1 1 Kentucky taxable income that was paid or set aside for charitable purposes and was not reported on federal 2 Additions (from page 2 Schedule M line 4) 2 2 Adjusted tax exempt interest 2 2 Enter additions from partnerships fiduciaries and S corporations (attach schedule) 2 2 Kentucky tax exempt income that was paid or set aside for charitable purposes that was reported on 3 Enter the portion of deductions allocable to line 2 3 3 Net gain shown on Schedule D Form 741 column 1 line 17 (if net loss enter zero) 3 3 Other additions (attach schedule) 3 4 Enter amount included from federal Schedule A line 4 4 4 Subtract line 3 from line 2 4 4 Total additions Enter here and on page 1 line 2 4 5 Add lines 1 and 4 5 5 Enter interest from U S government obligations (attach schedule) 5 5 Enter net capital gains included on Kentucky Schedule A line 1 or line 2 5 6 Enter any Kentucky gains included on page 1 line 9 as a negative figure If capital loss enter as a 6 Enter subtractions from partnerships fiduciaries and S corporations (attach schedule) 6 6 Subtractions (from page 2 Schedule M line 8) 6 7 Distributable net income (combine lines 1 through 6) 7 7 Enter the portion of deductions allocable to line 6 7 7 Other subtractions (attach schedule) 7 8 If complex trust enter accounting income for tax years as determined under the governing 8 Subtract line 7 from line 6 8 8 Total subtractions Enter here and on page 1 line 6 8 9 Amount of income required to be distributed currently 9 9 Subtract line 8 from line 5 This is your Kentucky adjusted total income (loss) Enter here Address of Fiduciary (Number and Street or P O Box) Room or Suite Number Amended return and on page 2 Schedule B line 1 9 Attach a copy of the federal return including all schedules and statements Bankruptcy estate City State and ZIP Code Telephone Number Complex trust Decedent's estate Enter zero if not applicable See instructions 15 ESBT (S portion only) federal Form 1041 Schedule A Enter here and include on Schedule M line 3 2 Final return Form 1041 Schedule A including additional capital gains Enter here and include on Schedule M line 7 1 Grantor trust Initial return instrument and applicable law 8 intangible income included in line 14 that is attributable to nonresident beneficiaries Kentucky State Treasurer Mail to: Kentucky Department of Revenue Frankfort KY 40619 0008 Make check payable to: Name and Title of Fiduciary Date Entity Created Name of Estate or Trust Federal Employer Identification Number Number of Schedules K 1 attached (Copies Must Be Attached) Pooled income fund positive figure (Kentucky gain/loss includes federal figures plus Kentucky adjustments ) 6 Simple trust *1200020029* *1200020030* 1 Was a Kentucky fiduciary income tax return filed for 2011? Yes No If "No " state reason 10 Income distribution deduction (from page 2 Schedule B line 15) 10 Other amounts paid credited or otherwise required to be distributed 10 11 Pension income exclusion (attach Schedule P if more than $41 110) 11 11 Total distributions (add lines 9 and 10) (If greater than line 8 see federal instructions ) 11 12 Enter the amount of tax exempt income included on line 11 12 12 Federal estate tax deduction (attach computation) 12 13 Add lines 10 11 and 12 13 13 Tentative income distribution deduction (subtract line 12 from line 11) 13 14 Tentative income distribution deduction (subtract line 2 from line 7) 14 14 Total income of fiduciary (subtract line 13 from line 9) 14 15 Income distribution deduction (enter the smaller of line 13 or line 14 here and on page 1 line 10) 15 15 Trusts or estates with income attributable to nonresident beneficiaries Enter the portion of 16 Taxable income of fiduciary (subtract line 15 from line 14) This is your taxable income 16 17 Tax: (a) tax rate schedule (b) Form 4972 K (c) Schedule RC R Total 17(d) 18 Nonrefundable credit(s) (specify and attach supporting documents) 18 19 Enter Tax Credit ($2 for a trust; $20 for an estate) This credit is not refundable 19 2 If the fiduciary has income not taxed by Kentucky have you deducted only that portion of expenses allocable to taxable income? Yes No If "Yes " attach computation 20 Total Tax (subtract lines 18 and 19 from line 17d; if line 18 plus line 19 is more than line 17d enter 0 ) 20 21 (a) Estimated tax payments 21(a) 22 Subtract line 21(f) from line 20 Enter amount of tax due refund credit forward 22 3 Did the estate or trust have any passive activity loss(es)? Yes No (If "Yes " enter the loss(es) on Form 8582 K Kentucky Passive Activity Loss Limitations to determine the allowable loss ) 4 If a federal audit changed the taxable income as originally reported for any prior year a copy of the Revenue Agent s Report must be submitted to the Department of Revenue Do not attach to this return 42A741 5 During the taxable year did you make an accumulation distribution as defined in Sec 665(b) Internal Revenue Code? Yes No If "Yes " attach federal Schedule J (Form 1041) 6 If this is an amended return check the appropriate box on page 1 Explain changes below Attach a separate page if necessary ADDITIONAL INFORMATION REQUIRED beginning 2012 and ending 2013 Check applicable box: Check applicable boxes: Complete Schedule A only if you made additions to or subtractions from total income on page 1 lines 2 or 6 and claimed a charitable deduction on federal Form 1041 Department of Revenue FIDUCIARY INCOME TAX RETURN For calendar year or other taxable year Form 741 Form 741 (2012) Page 2 I declare under the penalties of perjury that this return (including any accompanying schedules and statements) has been examined by me and to the best of my knowledge and belief is a true correct and complete return INTANGIBLE INCOME ATTRIBUTABLE TO NONRESIDENTS INCLUDED IN LINE 14 KENTUCKY Part I Additions to Federal Adjusted Total Income Part II Subtractions from Federal Adjusted Total Income SCHEDULE A CHARITABLE DEDUCTION (Do not complete for a simple trust or pooled income fund ) SCHEDULE B INCOME DISTRIBUTION DEDUCTION (See federal instructions ) SCHEDULE M (FORM 741) Signature of Fiduciary or Agent PTIN or Identification Number of Fiduciary or Agent Date TAX COMPUTATION Typed or Printed Name of Preparer Other Than Fiduciary or Agent Identification Number of Preparer Date