Form FID-CR Non-Refundable Tax Credit Schedule

(Attach Form RPD 41228) *128280100* 10 00 11 00 12 00 13 00 14 00 15 00 16 00 17 00 17 Agricultural Biomass Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41361) 18 00 18 Film Production Tax Credit applied to tax due + 18a 00 18a Total Film Production Tax Credit Approved 2012 FID CR NEW MEXICO TAX CREDIT SCHEDULE 22 TOTAL CREDITS APPLIED TO TAX DUE (Add lines 1 21 Enter here and on line 11 of Form FID 1) Advanced Energy Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41334) + Affordable Housing Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41301 and voucher) + Agricultural Water Conservation Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41319 and certification) + Angel Investment Credit (Attach Form RPD 41320 and certification) + Blended Biodiesel Fuel Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41340) + Business Facility Rehabilitation Credit (Attach Form PIT 5 and certification) + Cancer Clinical Trial Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41358) + Cultural Property Preservation Credit (Attach Form PIT 4 and certification) Electronic Card Reading Equipment Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41246) + FEIN of estate or trustPrint the name of estate or trust Geothermal Ground Coupled Heat Pump Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41346 and certification) Job Mentorship Tax Credit (Attach Forms RPD 41281 and RPD 41280) + Land Conservation Incentives Credit (Attach Form RPD 41282 and approval letter) + Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit applied to tax due (Attach Form RPD 41227) + Rural Health Care Practitioners Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41326 and certification) + Rural Job Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41243) + Solar Market Development Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41317 and certification) + Sustainable Building Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41329) + Technology Jobs (Additional) Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41244) + Use this schedule to claim the non refundable credits listed on this form that may be taken against New Mexico fiduciary income tax reported Enter the total tax credits applied to the tax due on this return on line 11 of Form FID 1 Be sure to attach the appropriate backup documentation to support the credit taken and attach Schedule FID CR to your 2012 fiduciary income tax return Form FID 1 To calculate the amount that may be claimed refer to the claim form or supporting instructions for the tax credit The sum of tax credits claimed on Schedule FID CR may not exceed the total New Mexico tax on line 9 Form FID 1 less the credit for taxes paid to another state claimed on line 10 of Form FID 1 For a complete description of the credits see Publication FYI 106 Claiming Tax Credits for CRS Taxes and Business Related Income Veterans Employment Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41372)