Form FID Fiduciary Income Tax Return

* * * * IMPORTANT NOTICE * * * * *128080200* *128090200* *128180200* *128190200* 1 Property factor (Total property column 2 divided by column 1) 2 Payroll factor (Column 2 divided by column 1) 2012 FID 1 (page 2) 2012 FID 1 NEW MEXICO FIDUCIARY INCOME TAX RETURN 2012 FID b schedule 1 2012 FID b schedule 2 3 Sales factor (Column 2 divided by column 1) 3 Total additions (Add lines 1 and 2) Enter on FID 1 page 1 line 2 4 New Mexico net operating loss (from worksheet on page 8 of instructions) 7 Total deductions (Add lines 4 5 and 6) Enter on FID 1 page 1 line 3 8 Total distributions of income to beneficiaries 8a Calculate allocation percentage for deductions (divide line 8 column 4 by line 8 column 3) ADDITIONs TO FEDERAl INCOME FOR FIDUCIARY and see instructions for adjustments to lines 3 and 5 Average annual value of inventory Average annual value of real and personal property AVERAGE PERCENT (DIVIDE LINE 4 BY 3 If one or more of the factors is excluded BUSINESS INCOME APPORTIONMENT FORMULA COMPUTATION OF NEW MEXICO PERCENTAGE Deduction for distributions not shown above Deduction for exemption DEDUCTIONs FROM FEDERAl INCOME FOR FIDUCIARY DIsTRIbUTION sChEDUlE This schedule must be completed or the return will not be processed divide by the number of factors present) Dividends Each percentage above must be calculated to two decimal places (example 22 46%) enter the tax year end for which the election was first effective Federal net operating loss FEIN of estate or trust For lines 9 through 11 you must multiply the amount in column 3 by the percentage in line 8a to derive the allocation to New Mexico in column 4 Form FID B Schedule 2 See instructions) Gross receipts If you are a manufacturer who has elected to use the section 7 4 10(b) method of apportionment Important: On Form RPD 41367 Annual Withholding of Net Income From a Pass Through Entity Detail Report report the beneficiaries receiving distributions of taxable New Mexico net income for the tax year of this return The estate or trust files Form RPD 41367 separately from Form FID 1 and may be required to file electronically See "Withholding for Non Resident Beneficiaries of a Pass Through Entity" on page 1 of the FID 1 instructions for more information Income from lump sum distributions (Attach federal Form 4972) Income from other fiduciaries S corporations Interest (Include non New Mexico municipal bond interest) Interest income from U S government obligations Mail original of this return and tax due to the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department P O Box 25127 Santa Fe NM 87504 5127 on or before April 15 2013 Tax due must be paid in full For fiscal year estates and trusts return must be filed on or before the fifteenth day of the fourth month following the close of the fiscal year DO NOT SEND CASH Month/Year Name of estate or trust as shown on page 1 of Form FID 1 Name of estate or trust as shown on page 1 of Form FID 1 FEIN of estate or trust Net business and farm income (Complete Net capital gain deduction (see instructions) NEW MEXICO FIDUCIARY INCOME TAX RETURN New Mexico percentage of income (Divide line 15 column 4 by line 15 column 3) Calculate to two decimal places (Example: 22 46%) Enter here and on line 6 of FID 1 Non distributed shares of: Non New Mexico municipal bond interest NOTE: The separate accounting method may not be used by a business in New Mexico of employees related to apportionable income Other deductions (Attach schedule) Other income (Attach schedule) partnerships and limited liability entities pAYROll FACTOR Profit or loss from the sale or exchange of assets pROpERTY FACTOR Rented property (Annual rental value times eight) Rents and royalties sAlEs FACTOR Taxable income of estate or trust (Subtract line 12 from line 8) The fiduciary of any grantor trust who is required to file federal Form 1041 under the provisions of federal regula tion 1 671 4(a) is NOT required to file a New Mexico Fiduciary Income Tax Return Form FID 1 ThIs sChEDUlE MUsT bE COMplETED bY EsTATEs OR TRUsTs hAvING INCOME FROM bOTh INsIDE AND OUTsIDE NEW MEXICO ThIs sChEDUlE MUsT bE COMplETED bY EsTATEs OR TRUsTs hAvING INCOME FROM bOTh INsIDE AND OUTsIDE NEW MEXICO sEE INsTRUCTIONs bEFORE COMplETING ThIs sChEDUlE Total income (Add lines 13 and 14) Total of lines 1 through 7 Total of lines 9 through 11 Total percent (Add lines 1 2 and 3) Total property Wages salaries commissions and other compensation