Form PIT-B Allocation and Apportionment of Income Schedule

Column 3 Factor (Compute to 3 decimal places) (If non resident military personnel see PIT B instructions ) *120580200* *120590200* 1 00 00 1 PROPERTY FACTOR 10 00 00 1040A For column 2 see PIT B instructions 11 00 00 11 Total income (Line 9 minus line 10 ); column 1 must be equal to or greater than Federal Adjusted 14 00 1a 00 00 2 00 00 2 PAYROLL FACTOR 2012 PIT B 2012 PIT B (page 2) 2a 00 00 3 00 00 3 SALES FACTOR 3a 00 00 4 00 00 5 00 00 6 00 00 7 00 00 8 00 00 9 00 00 ADD lines 1 8 and enter the amount here All other income not included in lines 1 6 and line 8 ALLOCATION OF NONBUSINESS INCOME Column 1 Total Federal IncomeColumn 2 New Mexico Income APPORTIONMENT OF BUSINESS INCOME (If no business income go to line 9 ) Average value of real and tangible b DIVIDE column 2 by column 1 (Compute to 3 decimal places) Business and farm income (Complete worksheet on page 2; see instructions ) Check the box if the primary taxpayer or spouse is a military servicemember's spouse qualifying for relief Column 1 Column 2 Compensation paid by taxpayer DIVIDE amount on line 11 column 2 by amount on line 11 column 1 Compute to 3 decimal places (Cannot be less than zero If greater than 1 enter 1 000 ) DIVIDE column 2 by column 1 DIVIDE column 2 by column 1 (Compute to 3 decimal places) DIVIDE line 4 by the number of factors used and enter here (Compute to 3 decimal places) effective and see instructions for adjustments to lines 3b and 5 enter the taxable year end for which the election was first Federal adjustments to income: For column 1 enter figure from line 36 federal Form 1040 or line 20 For first year and part year resident taxpayers enter the period of residency A From B through G / / Gains or losses from the sale or exchange of property Gross Income (Line 9 Form PIT 1 ) If you are a manufacturer who has elected to use the Section 7 4 10(B) method of apportionment If your spouse's residency period is different enter the period of residency for your spouse If additional periods of residency apply write them in the space below this line C From D through Income or losses from pass through entities Interest and dividends (Include difference from Schedule PIT ADJ line 1 minus line 6 ) MULTIPLY line 12 by line 13 Enter the amount here and on line 18 of Form PIT 1 and mark the box on line 18a with a "B" to indicate the tax came from Schedule PIT B MULTIPLY the amount on line 8 column 1 on page 1 of Schedule PIT B by the decimal amount on line 5 of this worksheet Enter the result on line 8 column 2 on page 1 of Schedule PIT B If you have more than one business or farm complete a worksheet for each business or farm compute the result for each business or farm and enter the sum of the results on line 8 column 2 Attach the worksheet for each business or farm with your PIT 1 return and Schedule PIT B NEW MEXICO ALLOCATION AND APPORTIONMENT OF INCOME SCHEDULE NOTE: REsidENT TaxpayERs iNcludiNg pERsONs physically pREsENT 185 days OR mORE iN This sTaTE musT allOcaTE all iNcOmE aNd dEducTiONs ON liNEs 1 2 3 aNd 7 iN full TO NEw mExicO Pensions annuities Social Security and lump sum distributions personal property owned or rented by personnel see PIT B instructions ) Primary Spouse Print your name (first middle last) Rents and royalties See worksheet instructions for definitions relating to the apportionment factors below the taxpayer and used during tax period This schedule must be completed by taxpayers who allocate and apportion income from both within and outside the State of New Mexico Please refer to the instructions Include the Schedule PIT B with your Personal Income Tax Return Form PIT 1 Total Everywhere New Mexico Total of lines 1b 2b and 3b Total sales excluding nonbusiness income under the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act is not a resident of New Mexico and is allocating income E F from services performed in New Mexico to their state of residence Using the Tax Rate Tables find the tax applicable to line 17 Form PIT 1 If an amount is shown on line 19 Form PIT 1 add this amount to the tax and enter the result here Wages salaries tips etc (If non resident military WORKSHEET FOR APPORTIONMENT OF BUSINESS AND FARM INCOME Complete a worksheet for each business or farm YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER