Form PIT-Childcare Child Day Care Credit Worksheet

Add the amounts in column G and enter the total on line 19 Schedule PIT RC but no more than $1 200 ATTACH TO FORM PIT 1 Child Day Care Credit Worksheet COLUMN A Name of Child COLUMN B Age of Child COLUMN C Number of days of care COLUMN D Amount paid per day not to exceed $8 00 COLUMN E Day Care Expenses Multiply Col C by Col D COLUMN F Multiply Col E by 40 Enter in Column G COLUMN G Available day care credit not to exceed $480/child Column A: Enter the name of the qualified dependent child who received day care during 2012 If you Column B: Enter the age of the child at the end of the 2012 tax year Column C: Enter the total number of days of qualified child day care service provided for the child Column D: Enter the amount paid per day for the child The maximum is $8 per child per day Only Column E: Multiply column C by column D and enter the result Column G: Multiply column E by column F ( 40) and enter the result but no more than $480 per child include amounts actually paid by you; do not include amounts that were reimbursed or need more space attach a worksheet in the same format New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department New Mexico Works Act or a similar program during that part of the tax year for which the credit was claimed You may only claim child day care expenses during periods in which you did not receive assistance from one of these programs NOTE: The Department checks with appropriate state agencies to verify whether a claimant is receiving public assistance paid for by another party (such as your employer or the State of New Mexico) Print your name (first middle last) Public assistance was not received under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families True REV 4/27/2012 To complete the Child Day Care Credit Worksheet: TOTAL day care credit available Enter the sum of column G If supplemental pages are attached enter the sum of column G from all pages True The child day care expenses were not reimbursed or otherwise paid by another party You may only claim uncompensated and unreimbursed child day care expenses You must answer both questions YOUr SOCiAL SECUriTY NUMBEr