Form PIT-D Voluntary Contributions Schedule

(Lou Gehrig's disease) research Money in the fund at the end of a fiscal year will revert to the general fund *120480200* 1 for the Democratic Party of New Mexico 10 00 10 NEW MEXICO POLITICAL PARTIES Contribution To contribute enter the number of the state political party to which you choose to make a $2 donation The 11 00 11 TOTAL OF VOLUNTARY FUND CONTRIBUTIONS ADD lines 2 through 10 Enter total here and on line 39 of Form PIT 1 2 for the Republican Party of New Mexico 2012 PIT D 4 for the New Mexico Independent Party Enter total political party contributions (Allowable amounts are $0 $2 or $4) 6 NATIONAL GUARD MEMBER AND FAMILY ASSISTANCE Contribution 7 KIDS IN PARKS EDUCATION PROGRAM Contribution 8 AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS RESEARCH FUND Contribution The fund is appropriated to the board of regents of the University of New Mexico for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 9 VIETNAM VETERANS' MEMORIAL STATE PARK Contribution Contributions are distributed to the State Parks Division of the New Mexico Energy Minerals and Natural Re sources Department for the operation maintenance and improvement of the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial State and Natural Resources Department Contributions are distributed to the Department of Military Affairs for assistance to members of the New Mexico Contributions are for expenditures for the kids in parks education program administered by the State Parks Division ENTER NUMBER OF YOUR SPOUSE'S PARTY CHOICE 3 for the Libertarian Party of New Mexico (on jointly filed returns only) 10b National Guard activated for service in the "global war on terrorism" and to their families NEW MEXICO FOREST RE LEAF PROGRAM Contribution This program provides grants to communities in New Mexico for planting trees The program is administered NEW MEXICO SUBSTANCE ABUSE EDUCATION FUND Contribution This fund is administered by the State Public Education Department to provide substance abuse education pro grams in New Mexico schools NEW MEXICO VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTIONS SCHEDULE of the Energy Minerals and Natural Resources Department Overpayment amount from line 38 of Form PIT 1 Park near Angel Fire New Mexico Please consider your contribution to any of the funds carefully because no part of your contribution is refundable should you amend your return or change your mind The Department will deduct your contribution from your refund and transfer your contributions to the appropriate funds If the contributions exceed the refund due no contribu tions will be made or deducted from your refund Print your name (first middle last) SHARE WITH WILDLIFE Contribution This program is administered by the New Mexico Game and Fish Department but is funded by donation only Its purpose is to assist non game or endangered species Of the collected contributions 90% goes directly to benefit wildlife through research habitat protection public education and wildlife rehabilitation A free newslet ter outlining projects is available spouse s contribution is allowed on a jointly filed return only ENTER NUMBER OF YOUR PARTY CHOICE 10a through the Conservation Planting Revolving Fund by the Forestry Division of the New Mexico Energy Minerals Use this schedule to contribute any of your tax refund to any of New Mexico s voluntary contribution funds Total fund contributions may not exceed the amount on line 38 of Form PIT 1 If you are not due a refund but wish to contribute to any of the funds do not mail your contributions to the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department Send your contribution directly to the addresses listed in the instructions for Schedule PIT D VETERANS' NATIONAL CEMETERY FUND Contribution This fund is administered by the New Mexico Department of Veterans' Services to increase the size of the Santa Fe National Cemetery The sum of total contributions received after January 1 1988 in excess of $1 070 000 is sent to the Substance Abuse Education Fund