Form PIT-ES Personal Income Tax Estimated Payment Voucher

1ST (APR 15) 2ND (JUN 15) 3RD (SEP 15) 4TH (JAN 15) Are name(s) and address complete correct and legible? Are you using the correct form? This form is used by taxpayers who wish to make a quarterly (CUT AlONG DOTTED lINE) ADDRESS (Number & Street) CITY STATE AND ZIP CODE AMOUNT ENCLOSED Are social security number(s) legible? Are social security number(s) PIT ES and the correct tax year written on your check? Did you indicate the correct quarter to which the payment is to be applied? Did you indicate the correct tax year for which you are making an estimated payment? Did you mail your PIT ES and check to the address below? Did you sign and include your check? estimated payment If you are making a payment with the final PIT 1 return use the PIT PV Filing Checklist IMPORTANT: DO NOT SUBMIT THIS PAYMENT VOUCHER UNLESS A PAYMENT IS INCLUDED Indicate the tax year and the quarter to mm/dd/ccyywhich the payment is to be applied: mail payment and voucher to: Mail PIT ES and payment to: Make your check or money order payable to: New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department Note: When you provide a check as payment you authorize the Department either to use information from your check to make a one time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction P O Box 8390 Santa Fe NM 87504 8390 payment voucher If you are making an extension payment use the PIT EXT payment voucher PIT ES New Mexico Personal Income Estimated Tax Payment Voucher PIT ES Personal Income Estimated Tax Payment Voucher Please detach the bottom portion before you submit the voucher and payment to the Department PO Box 8390 Santa Fe NM 87504 8390 SPOUSE S FIRST NAmE AND INITIAl lAST NAmE SPOUSE S SOCIAl SECURITY NUmbER State of New mexico Taxation and Revenue Department SUBMIT ONLY HIGH QUALIT Y PRINTED ORIGINAL FORMS TO THE DEPARTMENT Payment vouchers are processed through high speed scanners and a quality form ensures your payment is processed accurately Please follow these instructions for preparing the payment voucher Do not cut the bottom portion of the voucher except where indicated cut on the dotted line only Do not photocopy When printing the voucher from the Internet or a software product the printer setting Page scaling should be set to none to prevent resizing; If your payment voucher has a scanline do not write in the area around the scanline The scanline is located Tax Year Taxpayers may also pay their estimated personal income taxes online at the Department s web site Go to www tax newmexico gov and select Online Ser vices At no additional charge you may pay using an electronic check that authorizes the Depar tment to debit your checking account in the amount and on the date you specif y You may also pay using Visa MasterCard American E x p r e s s o r D i s c o v e r c a r d s h o we v e r a 2 4 9 % c o nve n i e n c e f e e w i l l b e a p p l i e d t o t h e s e c h a r g e s T h e f e e i s c a l c u l at e d o n t h e a m o u n t o f the transaction and will be used to pay charges by the credit card companies to the State of New mexico when you use your credit card as a form of payment Using your own envelope within the bottom 1 1/2 inch of the voucher YOUR FIRST NAmE AND INITIAl lAST NAmE YOUR SOCIAl SECURITY NUmbER