Form RPD-41229 Application For Film Production Tax Credit

A Total qualifying direct production expenditures $ Adjusted and approved in the amount of $ APPLICATION FOR FILM PRODUCTION TAX CREDIT Approved in the amount of $ B Total qualifying postproduction expenditures $ C Is the film production company receiving a credit pursuant to the federal new markets tax credit program for expenditures attributable to this production? Circle one: Yes No D Film production tax credit claimed Multiply the sum of lines A and B by 25% or by 20% if line C is marked "yes" Enter the result here $ Disapproved E Enter the Project Title as indicated on the New Mexico Film Office Film Production Company Registration Form FOR DEPARTMENT USE ONLY Mail to: New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department ATTN: Director's Office P O Box 8485 Albuquerque New Mexico 87198 8485 For status of the credit application call (505) 841 6478 Mailing address City state and ZIP code Name of contact person Telephone number E mail address Name of eligible film production company Taxpayer identification number (SSN or FEIN) Please ensure all required supporting documentation is attached to your application Reason for adjustment/disapproval Signature of Director or Delegate Date Approval No STATE OF NEW MEXICO TAXATION AND REVENUE DEPARTMENT The purpose of this form This form may be used by a film production company approved by the Film Division of the New Mexico Economic Development Department to apply for a film production tax credit To contact the Film Division call (505) 476 5600 or (800) 545 9871 Submit this completed application with required documentation to the Taxation and Revenue Department Submit one applica tion for each approved film project The Department will notify you of the approved amount of credit This refundable credit can be applied against personal or corporate income tax due the State of New Mexico See the instructions for this form under a different cover for a complete description of the requirements This application for Film Production Tax Credit was reviewed by the Taxation and Revenue Department and was