Form RPD-41239 Application for Technology Jobs Tax Credit

Allowable amounts paid or incurred to operate or Depletable land and rent paid or incurred for land Improvements On property owned by the taxpayer or affiliate before July 4 2000 the effective date of the Technology Jobs On research and development reimbursed by a person who is not an affiliate of the taxpayer *Rural Areas The amount of both the Basic and Addi tional Technology Credit shall be doubled if the qualified expenditures were incurred for a qualified facility in a rural area Rural area is anywhere outside of Bernalillo Dona Ana or Santa Fe counties or three miles beyond the exte rior boundaries of those counties and the municipality of Rio Rancho A taxpayer conducting qualified research at a qualified facility and making qualified expenditures is eligible to claim the basic technology jobs tax credit Additional credit is available for a taxpayer who increases annual payroll expense by $75 000 over base payroll for every $1 000 000 in qualified expenditures claimed by the taxpayer in a taxable year in the same claim A taxpayer may apply for approval of a credit within one year following the end of the calendar year in which the qualified expenditure was made Additional Technology Jobs Tax Credit 4% of Qualified Expenditures or 8% if in a rural area (Attach Payroll Expense Summary It must reflect base payroll ) allocated portion of an expenditure connected to qualified research at a qualified facility Such expenditures include: Any amount of credit not claimed for a reporting period APPLICATION FOR TECHNOLOGY JOBS TAX CREDIT Application for Technology Jobs Tax Credit Instructions Authorized by the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department Claim No Approved by: Title: Telephone number: Date: Base credit amount approved: Additional Credit Approved: Basic Technology Jobs Tax Credit 4% of Qualified Expenditures or 8% if in a rural area Buildings Computer software Computer software upgrades Consultants and contractors performing work in New Equipment For the year January 1 to December 31 (See reverse side for instructions) I declare I have examined this application including accompanying schedules and statements and to the best of my knowledge and belief it is true correct and complete If an allocation of expenditure is claimed the cost account ing methodology used for the allocation of the expenditure Intended to be useful in the development of a new or improved business component of the taxpayer and Line 1 Qualified Research means research that is Line 2 Qualified Facility means a factory mill plant Line 3 Qualified Expenditures any expenditure or Line 4 Multiply the total amount of qualified expenditures by 4% or by 8% if the qualified facility is in a rural area * This is the amount of your basic credit Line 5 Multiply the total amount of qualified expenditures by 4% or by 8% if the qualified facility is in a rural area This is the amount of your additional credit Mail this form to: Taxation and Revenue Department ATTN: Director's Office P O Box 8485 Albuquerque New Mexico 87198 8485 For the status of the credit application call: (505) 841 6478 Mailing Address City State and ZIP Code maintain a facility may be claimed in subsequent reporting periods may claim an amount of additional credit for any reporting Mexico Name of Business New Mexico CRS Identification Number Name of Contact Person Telephone Number Fax Number NEW MEXICO TECHNOLOGY JOBS TAX CREDIT On property for which the taxpayer has received any credit under the Capital Equipment Tax Credit Act or On property owned by a municipality or county in con nection with an industrial revenue bond project or Page 1 of 2 Payroll period that exceeds the amount of the taxpayer s personal or corporate income tax due for that reporting period A husband and wife may each claim only one half the ad ditional credit A pass through entity (PTE) approved for additional credit may pass the additional credit to its own ers partners or members using Form RPD 41368 Notice of Distribution of Technology Jobs Tax Credit PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE Qualified Expenditures (Attach expense summary and description of qualified expenditures) Qualified expenditures exclude any expenditure: Qualified Facility (Indicate type of facility and physical location) Qualified Research (please define type of research) Recapture If the taxpayer or a successor in business of the taxpayer ceases operations in New Mexico for 180 consecutive days within a two year period any approved unclaimed credit shall be extinguished Within 30 days after the 180 days the taxpayer shall pay the tax against which an approved technology jobs tax credit was taken refinery warehouse dairy feedlot building or complex of buildings located in New Mexico These include the land on which the facility is located and all machinery equipment and other real and tangible personal property located at or within the facility and used in connection with the operation of the facility Any facility operated by the taxpayer for the United States is excluded Related to a new or improved function performance reliability or quality but not related to style taste or cosmetic or seasonal design factors shall be the same cost accounting methodology used by the taxpayer in its other business activities STATE OF NEW MEXICO TAXATION AND REVENUE DEPARTMENT Street Address City State and ZIP Code Tax Credit Act or Taxpayer Authorized Signature Date Technical books and manuals Technological in nature Test materials The Additional Tax Credit may be applied against the taxpayer s personal or corporate income tax No taxpayer The Basic Tax Credit may be applied against the taxpayer s compensating tax gross receipts tax or withholding tax due to the state of New Mexico No taxpayer may claim an amount of approved basic credit for any reporting period that exceeds the sum of the taxpayer s gross receipts tax compensating tax and withholding tax due for that report ing period the Investment Credit Act and The value of qualified expenditure is the purchase price Total Technology Jobs Tax Credit Add lines 4 & 5 undertaken to discover information that is: USING THE TECHNOLOGY JOBS TAX CREDIT