Form RPD-41299 Gross Receipts Tax Holiday Claim Form

*combine with all other deductions in Col E of the CRS 1 report AMOUNT OF GROSS RECEIPTS TAX HOLIDAY DEDUCTION* For detailed information regarding the Gross Receipts Tax Holiday obtain a copy of FYI 203 on the Internet or at your local district office The Department's web site is at www state nm us/tax Click on the school supplies icon For a detailed list of qualifying tangible personal property please see bulletin B 200 18 List of Taxable and Nontaxable Items for New Mexico's Gross Receipts Tax Holiday GROSS RECEIPTS TAX HOLIDAY I declare that I have examined this return including any accompanying schedules and statements and to the best of my knowledge and belief it is true correct and complete Int 07/2005 Mail only the bottom portion of this form with your CRS 1 return and any applicable payment by the 25th of the month following the end of the report period Mail to Taxation and Revenue Department P O Box 25128 Santa Fe New Mexico 87504 5128 Retain the top portion for your records Month D a y Year Month D a y Year Name NM CRS ID No Qualifying tangible personal property sold during the tax holiday that is exempt or deductible under other sections of the Gross Receipts and Compensating Tax Act is ineligible for the tax holiday deduction Retailers of qualifying tangible personal property must maintain records of the type of item sold the date it was sold and the sales price of deductible merchandise Retailers are not required to participate in the tax holiday or to take the deduction offered If they choose not to participate they pay tax on otherwise eligible sales and may recover their tax costs from the customer RPD 41299 New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department RPD 41299 New Mexico Taxation and Revenue DepartmentInt 04/2005 Signature of Taxpayer or Agent Title Date TAX PERIOD TAXPAYER'S COPY v RETURN BOTTOM PORTION WITH YOUR CRS 1 RETURN AND PAYMENT v WHO MUST FILE THIS FORM Taxpayers reporting the deduction from gross receipts tax for the Gross Receipts Tax Holiday must file this form as an informational attachment to the CRS 1 return The gross receipts tax holiday is the first weekend of August from 12:01 am on the first Friday to midnight the following Sunday Use the CRS 1 Form for three or fewer lines of detail and the CRS 1 Long Form for more than three lines of detail Report the gross receipts tax holiday deductions according to the instructions for the CRS 1 return Attach this form The gross receipts tax holiday deductions are combined with deductions other than the food and medical deductions allowed under Sections 7 9 92 and 7 9 93 NMSA 1978 and are reported in Column E on the CRS 1 return