Form S-Corp S Corporate Income and Franchise Tax Return

Original Return *125060200* *125070200* *125080200* 00 Property factor (Divide column 2 by column 1 and multiply by 100) 1 0000 0000 0000 0000 1 00 00 10 00 11 00 11 Total payments: 12 00 13 00 14 00 15 00 16 00 17 00 18 00 19 00 2 00 00 20 00 2012 S Corp 1 Income Taxable to Owners 2012 S Corp A New Mexico Apportionment Factors 2012 S Corp BAllocated Non business Income Taxable to Owners 2012 S Corp C Allocated and Apportioned Income Taxed to S Corporations 2012 S Corp New Mexico Sub Chapter S Corporate Income and Franchise Tax Return 20a 00 20a Amount of overpayment to be applied to 2013 liability (Not more than line 20) 20b 00 20b Amount of overpayment to be refunded (Subtract line 20a from line 20) 21 00 22 00 23 00 3 00 00 4 00 00 5 00 00 5 AVERAGE PERCENT (Divide the factor on line 4 by the number of factors computed above; enter on S Corp 1 line 9) 6 00 00 7 00 00 A State in which organized B Date of organization Allocated income (From S Corp B column 1 line 8) Allowable deductions from Schedule K Amended Amended returns only: (Enter 2012 refunds received and overpayments applied to 2013) Amount from lines 12 and 13 passed to owners (See instructions) Apportionable income (Subtract lines 5 6 and 7 from line 4) Average annual value of inventory Average annual value of real property Average annual value of personal property Rented property (Annual rental value times 8) Total Property Average New Mexico percentage (From S Corp A line 5) C Date business began in New Mexico D Date terminated in New Mexico Capital Gains Net capital gains (From Schedule D of Federal Form 1120S) See instructions for allocation rules CHECK ONE: City state and ZIP code Column 1 Column 1 total inCome everywhere Column 2 new mexiCo inCome Complete this section if you are an S corporation that has federal taxable income COMPUTATION OF NET INCOME TAXABLE TO OWNERS Date election was made / / (See instructions) DEPARTMENT USE ONLY E Name and address of registered agent in New Mexico everywhere extension estimated applied from prior year F Mark this box if your business activities were immune from New Mexico corporate income tax under P L 86 272 for the 2012 tax year You must also complete and attach Schedule S Corp A 1 Income taxable to corporation (Line 4 column 1 of S Corp C See instructions) Federal Employer Identification No (Required) New Mexico CRS Identification No NAICS Code (Required) Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) four factor method for the tax year ending / / Franchise tax ($50 per S corporation or entity taxed as S corporation) Gross receipts Interest (See Instructions) Interest from U S government obligations or federally taxed New Mexico bonds Interest income from municipal bonds (Excluding New Mexico bonds) Mailing address mailing address city state ZIP code Net non business dividends Net non business interest Net non business partnership income (loss) Net non business profit sale of assets (loss) Net non business rents (loss) Net non business royalties Net recognized built in gain (From Schedule D Federal Form 1120S) New Mexico allocated income (From S Corp B column 2 line 9) New Mexico apportionable income (Multiply line 8 by line 9) New Mexico income tax (Multiply line 2 by line 3) New Mexico income tax less tax credits (Subtract line 5 from line 4 Cannot be a negative number ) New Mexico income tax withheld from oil and gas proceeds (Attach 1099 Misc or RPD 41285) New Mexico income tax withheld from pass through entities (Attach 1099 Misc or RPD 41359) New Mexico percentage (Divide line 4 column 2 by line 4 column 1 and multiply by 100) Enter on line 3 of Form S Corp New Mexico percentage (Enter 100% OR percentage from line 5 of S Corp C) New Mexico taxable income (Add lines 10 and 11) Ordinary income (loss) from Federal Form 1120S Schedule K Other income (loss) from Federal Form 1120S Schedule K Other net non business income (loss) Overpayment (If line 15 is greater than line 10 enter the difference) Passive Income Excess net passive income (From worksheet in the 1120S instructions for excess net passive income) PAYROLL FACTOR Penalty (See Instructions) PerCent Column 2 PROPERTY FACTOR Refundable portion of renewable energy production tax credit claimed (Attach Form RPD 41227) Refundable portion of the film production tax credit SALES FACTOR Subtotal (Add lines 8 and 9) Subtotal of lines 1 through 3 Tax due (If line 10 is greater than line 15 enter the difference) Tax on amount on line 1 (See Tax Rate Tables page 4 in instructions) Tax Year BeginningTax Year Ending Extended Due Date Taxpayer's name Total (Add lines 1 2 and 3) Total allocated income (Add lines 1 through 7; enter on S Corp 1 line 7) Total amount due (Add lines 16 17 and 18) Total compensation of employees Total income and franchise tax (Add lines 6 and 7) Total New Mexico allocated income (Add lines 1 through 7; enter on S Corp 1 line 11) Total payments and tax withheld (Subtract line 14 from the sum of lines 11 through 13) Total refund of overpaid tax and refundable credit due to you (Add lines 20b and 21) Total tax credits applied against the income tax liability on line 4 (Attach Schedule S Corp CR) within new mexiCo within new mexiCo