Form S-Corp CR Non-Refundable Tax Credit Schedule

Agricultural Water Conservation Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41319) + (Attach Form RPD 41228) *125090200* 17a 00 17a Total Film Production Tax Credit Approved 2012 S Corp CR Advanced Energy Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41334) + Affordable Housing Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41301 and voucher) + Agricultural Biomass Income Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41361) + Blended Biodiesel Fuel Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41340) + Business Facility Rehabilitation Tax Credit (Attach Form CIT 5 and certification) + Corporate Supported Child Care Tax Credit (Attach Form CIT 3) Cultural Property Preservation Tax Credit (Attach Form CIT 4 and certification) + Electronic Card Reading Equipment Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41246) + Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) Film Production Tax Credit applied to tax due + Geothermal Ground Coupled Heat Pump Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41346 and cert ) + Intergovernmental Business Tax Credit (Attach statement and proof of payment) + Job Mentorship Tax Credit (Attach Forms RPD 41281 and RPD 41280) + Land Conservation Incentives Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41282 and approval letter) + NEW MEXICO TAX CREDIT SCHEDULE Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit applied to tax due (Attach Form RPD 41227) + Rural Job Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41243) + Sustainable Building Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41329) + Technology Jobs (Additional) Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41244) + TOTAL CREDITS APPLIED TO TAX DUE = (Add lines 1 through 19 Enter here and on line 5 of Form S Corp) Use this schedule to claim the tax credits listed below that may be taken against New Mexico corporate income tax reported on Form S Corp Enter the total credits on line 5 Form S Corp Be sure to attach the appropriate backup documentation to support the credit taken and attach Schedule S Corp CR to your 2012 New Mexico Sub Chapter S Corporate Income and Franchise Tax Return Form S Corp To calculate the amount that may be claimed refer to the claim form or supporting instructions for the credit The sum of credits claimed on Schedule S Corp CR may not exceed the income tax claimed on line 4 Form S Corp For a complete description of the credits see the S Corp instructions and FYI 106 Claiming Tax Credits for CRS Taxes and Business Related Income Veterans Employment Tax Credit (Attach Form RPD 41372) +