Form CT-3-S New York S Corporation Franchise Tax Return; Description of Form CT-3-S

440002120094 440003120094 All filers must enter tax period: Certification: I certify that this return and any attachments are to the best of my knowledge and belief true correct and complete Computation of tax (continued) CT 3 S CT 3 S (2012) Page 3 of 3 If Yes enter the name and EIN below If more than one attach list with names and EINs J If the IRS has completed an audit of any of your returns within the last five years list years K If this return is for a New York S termination year mark an X in the appropriate box to indicate which method of accounting was L Issuer s allocation percentage (see instructions) % M Mark an X in the box if you are filing Form CT 3 S as a result of the mandatory New York S election of Tax Law Article 22 section 660(i) N Eligible qualified New York manufacturers mark an X in this box (see instructions) New York S Corporation Franchise Tax Return New York State Department of Taxation and Finance O Did you include a disregarded entity in this return? (mark an X in the appropriate box) Yes No Page 2 of 3 CT 3 S (2012) Provide the information for lines 1 through 10 from the corresponding lines on your federal Form 1120S Schedule K totalamount column (Show any negative amounts with a minus ( ) sign; do not use parentheses or brackets ) See instructions for where to file Tax Law Articles 9 A and 22 used for the New York S short year (see instructions page 5) Normal accounting rules Daily pro rata allocation