Form 502 VK-1 502 VK-1 - Owner's Share of Income and Virginia Modifications and Credits

00 00 00 Va Dept Of Taxation 2601024 VK 1 (Rev 10/12) Federal Employer ID Number Federal Employer ID Number or SSN Tax Year End Date % Virginia Additions Owner s Share *VA0VK1112888* *VA0VK1212888* 1 State Income Tax Paid (see instructions) 1 1 Total of Taxable Income Amounts 1 10 Net Income Tax or Other Tax Used as a Deduction in Determining Taxable Income (see instructions) 10 10 Rent Reduction Program Credit 10 11 Interest on Municipal or State Obligations Other Than From Virginia 11 11a Clean Fuel Vehicle Credit 11a 11b Vehicle Emissions Testing Equipment Credit 11b 12 Major Business Facility Job Tax Credit 12 12 Other additions (See Instructions for Schedule 502ADJ for Addition Codes ) Code Amount Code Amount 12a 12b 12c 12d 13 Clean Fuel Vehicle Job Creation Tax Credit 13 13 Total Additions (add Lines 8 11 and 12a 12d) 13 14 Day care Facility Investment Tax Credit 14 14 Fixed date Conformity Depreciation 14 15 Fixed date Conformity Other 15 15 Low income Housing Tax Credit 15 16 Agricultural Best Management Practices Tax Credit (If Individual see Schedule CR instructions ) 16 16 Income From Obligations of the United States 16 17 Other Subtractions (See Instructions for Schedule 502ADJ for Subtraction Codes ) Code Amount Code Amount 17 Worker Retraining Credit 17 17a 00 17b 00 17c 00 17d 00 18 Total Subtractions (Add Lines 14 16 and 17a 17d) 18 18 Waste Motor Oil Burning Equipment Credit 18 19 Riparian Forest Buffer Protection For Waterways Tax Credit 19 2 Neighborhood Assistance Act Credit 2 2 Total of Deductions 2 20 Virginia Coal and Production Incentive Tax Credit 20 2012 Virginia Schedule VK 1 Page 2 2012 VirginiaOwner s Share of Income and 21 Enter the amount of credit assigned to another party 21 22 Virginia Coal and Production Incentive Tax Credit available for use by owner (Subtract Line 21 from Line 20) 22 23 Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit 23 24 Land Preservation Tax Credit 24 25 Qualified Equity & Subordinated Debt Investments Tax Credit 25 26 Community of Opportunity Tax Credit 26 27 Green Jobs Creation Tax Credit 27 28 Farm Wineries and Vineyards Tax Credit 28 29 International Trade Facility Tax Credit 29 3 Enterprise Zone Act General Tax Credit 3 3 Tax Exempt Interest Income 3 30 Port Volume Increase Tax Credit 30 31 Barge and Rail Usage Tax Credit 31 32 Livable Home Tax Credit 32 33 Research and Development Expenses Tax Credit (Use this line if the taxpayer does not qualify for a refundable credit ) 33 34 Telework Expenses Tax Credit 34 35 Total Nonrefundable Credits (Total Lines 1 19 and 22 34) 35 36 100% Coalfield Employment Enhancement and/or Virginia Coal Employment and Production Incentive Tax Credits from Line 2 of Schedule B of your 2012 Form 306 36 37 Full credit: Enter amount from 2012 Form 306 Line 12 37 38 85% Credit: Enter amount from 2012 Form 306 Line 13 38 39 Total Coal Related Tax Credits allowable this year: Add Lines 37 and 38 39 4 Enterprise Zone Act Zone Investment Tax Credit 4 4 Income Allocated to Virginia (Owner s Share From PTE s Schedule 502A Section C Line 2) 4 40 2012 Coalfield Employment Enhancement Tax Credit earned to be used when completing your 2015 return Enter amount from your 2012 Form 306 Line 11 40 41 Motion Picture Production Tax Credit 41 42 Research and Development Expenses Tax Credit 42 43 Total Refundable Credits Add Lines 39 41 and 42 43 5 Income Allocated Outside of Virginia (Owner s Share From PTE s Schedule 502A Section C Line 3(e)) 5 5 Reserved for future use 5 6 Apportionable Income (Owner s Share From PTE s Schedule 502A Section C Line 4) 6 6 Conservation Tillage Equipment Credit 6 7 Biodiesel and Green Diesel Fuels Tax Credit 7 7 Virginia Apportionment Percentage (From PTE s Schedule 502A Section B percent from Line 1 or Line 2(g) 8 Fixed date Conformity Depreciation 8 8 Precision Fertilizer and Pesticide Application Equipment Tax Credit 8 9 Fixed date Conformity Other 9 9 Recyclable Materials Processing Equipment Credit 9 a Date Owner Acquired Interest in The Pass Through Entity (MM/DD/YYYY) / / Additional Owner Information Address Address Allocation and Apportionment Amended Return Amount Withheld by PTE for Owner b Owner s Entity Type (Enter code; see instructions) c Owner s Participation Type (Enter code; see instructions) Check If City or Town State And ZIP Code d Owner s Participation Percentage (Example: 47 35%; see instructions ) Distributive or Pro Rata Income and Deductions Final If SHORT Period Return: Beginning Date 2012; Ending Date If Owner or Entity is Exempt From Withholding Enter Exemption Code (see instructions) Nonrefundable Credits Notice:You have received this Schedule VK 1 because the above named Pass Through Entity (PTE) earned income from Virginia sources and has passed through to you a portion of that Virginia source income based on your ownership of the PTE A copy of this schedule has been filed with the Virginia Department of Taxation Everyone who receives Virginia source income is subject to taxation by Virginia regardless of state of residency or domicile You may be required to file a Virginia tax return even though you may be a nonresident individual or a business domiciled outside of Virginia To determine if you are required to file a Virginia income tax return consult a tax professional Information and forms may be obtained at www tax virginia gov or call the Virginia Department of Taxation at 804 367 8031 (individuals) or 804 367 8037 (businesses) OffOff or 100%) 7 Owner Federal Employer ID Number or SSN Owner Information Pass Through Entity (PTE) Information Owner is Participating in an Individual Unified Nonresident Return PTE Federal Employer ID Number Refundable Credits Schedule VK 1 Virginia Modifications and Credits (Form 502) See instructions Virginia Subtractions Owner s Share Virginia Tax Credits For information on credits see Schedule CR Instructions (Individuals) or Form 500 Instructions (Corporations)