Form 5805-Inst Fillable Instructions for 5805 Form, Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals and Fiduciaries
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$172 615 (single or married/RDP filing $258 927 (head of household) $345 235 (married/RDP filing jointly or qualifying (see instructions) 365 11 $ $ $ $ 1 Enter the amount from 1 Required Installments See instructions 1 11 Underpayment Number of 2 Estimated tax paid and tax withheld See instructions For column (a) only 2 Using California 3 Enter amount if any from line 9 of previous column 3 3 Subtract line 2 from line 1 3 3% 4 15 13 through 04 15 14 4 Add line 2 and line 3 4 4 Enter the number from 5 Add amounts on line 7 and line 8 of the previous column 5 5 Multiply the amount on line 1 6 Multiply the amount on line 3 6 Subtract line 5 from line 4 If zero or less enter 0 For column (a) only 7 If the amount on line 6 is zero subtract line 4 from line 5 Otherwise enter 0 7 7 Multiply the amount on 8 Enter the amount from 8 Underpayment If line 1 is equal to or more than line 6 subtract line 6 from 9 Overpayment If line 6 is more than line 1 subtract line 1 from line 6 916 845 6500 from outside the After the due date of the original tax return April 15 2013 April 15 2014 Days: Days: Days: Days: Attach form FTB 5805 to the back of your tax Check the box on Form 540 line 113; Check Yes on form FTB 5805 Part I Complete form FTB 5805 through Part II First count the number of days from the First payment April 15 2013 Form 540 (excluding any tax on lump sum Form 540 (excluding the tax line 34) add Form 540 line 71 and line 73 Form 541 line 28 Form 541 line 29 and line 31 Form FTB 5870A Tax on Accumulation Fourth payment January 15 2014 Frequently Asked Questions Enter code number If the amount on line 3 is Important on Side 1 of form FTB 5805 Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 453A tax Long Form 540NR add line 63 line 71 and Long Form 540NR line 81 and line 83 on line 8 X days on line 10 X 03 On or before the due date of your original Payment Due Dates Second count the number of days from the Second payment June 15 2013 Third apply the rate for the applicable period Third payment September 15 2013 TTY/TDD: 800 822 6268 for persons with Yes to Part I Question 3 and enter the uneven You answered Yes to Part I Question 3 You made any estimated tax payment late You made no estimated tax payments or your You paid estimated tax on the required due You retired after age 62 or became disabled You underpaid an estimated tax installment $1 000 000 and is included in the calculation of $500 000 if married/RDP filing separately) must (1 10) of the tax liability from your 2012 tax (AGI) equal to or greater than $1 000 000 (or (continued on page 3) (continued on page 4) (see instructions federal Form 2210 Schedule A1 Part I (the amounts are cumulative) Include your share *Note: If you are a military servicemember domiciled outside of California subtract your military pay from your federal AGI 1 2014 and pay the entire balance 1 Enter your federal adjusted gross income* for each period 1/1/13 12/31/13 1/1/13 3/31/13 1/1/13 5/31/13 1/1/13 8/31/13 1/1/13 to 1/1/13 to 1/15/14 10 Number of day s from the date shown above line 10 to the date the amount 10 Subtract line 9 from line 8 10 108 189) This means that servicemembers 11 Multiply the amount on 110% (instead of 100%) of the tax shown on their 12 Enter the smaller of line 7 or 12 PENALTY Add amounts on line 11 in all columns Enter the total here on form FTB 5805 Side 2 Part II line 13 12/31/13 13 Subtract line 12 from line 5 2 Annualization amounts (Estates and trusts see instructions 2012 taxable year was less than 12 months do 2013 tax return on line 5 2nd month after the end of their taxable year 3 Annualized federal income Multiply line 1 by line 2 3 3/31/13 4/15/13 403 when instructed 5/31/13 6/15/13 8/31/13 9 Enter the amount shown 9/15/13 9th months of their fiscal year and the 1st month a calendar year taxpayer and either one of the a list of any payments that you made after the A Purpose A Tax on annualized total taxable income from Part III line 10 additional 1% tax on taxable income over additional computation in the column additional interest charges Adjustments Nonresidents or adjustments to income for each period from after you have filed your tax return You must pay against each underpayment shown on line 8 The allowed for your filing status in each column even Also check the box on Form 540 line 113; also enter the amount from line 2 on line 6 (If line 2 is equal to or more than Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) is included in the amount in each column of line 9 using the tax rate amounts add amounts withheld on the lines provided on Part I and 11/30/13 and 40% for column (b) and 40% for column b If you use the annualized and deferred income for nonresident and part year and if you do to figure the amount of the penalty and mental health services tax from your 2013 and on Form 540 line 113; Long Form 540NR line 123; or Form 541 line 42 and check the box on that line 12 $ and subtract the amount of the subsequent and transfer the amount from line N to form annualized income (use Federal Annualized annualized income installment method Use Part III annualized income reaches the above amounts applicable column on the worksheet However if apply to the 2013 estimated tax April 15th installment of $500 The June 15th as you earned it Then complete line 17 through attach attach a statement Be sure to include your attach it to the back of your tax return B Annualized total taxable income from Part III line 9 B Who Must File be able to lower or eliminate the amount of be determined by the FTB in March 2014 and before February 1 2014 enter the amount of tax by AGI it may be to your advantage to make a by any provision of law that is chaptered by line 4 5 by the number on line 4 6 C Annualized California tax rate: Divide line A by line B C Waiver of the Penalty calculate loss carryovers deferred deductions calculation of estimated tax California California AGI is all of the income you earned California law is compatible with the California taxable income For more information Call the FTB s automated phone service to get case you will not owe a penalty for the estimate Certain high income taxpayers are required to use changed the nonresident tax forms (Long and choose you may complete the exemption credit circumstance and it would be inequitable to Complete line 1 through line 16 to figure your COMPLETE LINE 3 THROUGH LINE 9 OF ONE COLUMN BEFORE GOING TO THE computation for each period If you choose computing the penalty it may be helpful to make considered to have paid the required amounts cover the June 15th installment However $500 of Credit Limitation If your special credits were current year tax per quarter based on your income D Annualized Income D California AGI Enter the amount from Schedule CA (540NR) date Therefore you may owe a penalty for an date you may use the short method but using it dates days early the difference is likely to be small Days in Rate days it remained unpaid deductions are limited if in any quarter federal determine your estimate payment requirements determining percentages for computing tax for all directions under General Information C Distribution distributions) add line 48 line 61 and line 62 domiciled outside of California and their domiciled outside of California subtract your due date to the date paid and use the due to a casualty disaster or other unusual due to reasonable cause due you do not have to make your last estimate during and operative for the taxable year of E Annualization amounts 4 2 4 1 5 1 E Estates and Trusts earlier installment due date even if you pay English and Spanish to callers with touch tone enough tax later to make up the underpayment Enter in column (a) and column (d) the result enter the amount from line 2 6 Enter the result here and on equal to or greater than $1 000 000/$500 000 for equal to or greater than $1 000 000/$500 000 if Estates and grantor trusts which receive the Estates and trusts do not use the period ending dates shown to the estimate payment For calendar year taxpayers estimate penalty If you need additional space Estimated Tax Payments Taxpayers are estimated tax penalty Example: You had an underpayment for the Exempt trusts should use form FTB 5806 expect to owe at least $500 ($250 if married/ F Annualized California AGI Multiply line D by line E F Nonresidents and New Farmers and fishermen are required to make one February Federal Annualized Federal Annualized Income Worksheet federal Form 2210 Schedule A1 Part I line 2) 2 4 2 4 1 5 1 figure the actual penalty amount by applying the Figure the penalty by applying the appropriate rate figures the penalty for you and sends you a bill file form FTB 5805 unless you answer Yes to a question in Part I) 2 Fiscal year filers must pay estimated tax Fiscal year filers: the rates for the periods following apply: following: following: for 2012 or 2013 is from farming or fishing for any question on form FTB 5805 Side 1 Part I for column a and column d enter 0 in column c for line 5 for more than one rate period the penalty for that for the underpayment of estimated tax For withheld California income tax you are for your filing status 9 Form 540 line 61 and line 62; 2013 Form 540NR Form 540 Long Form 540NR or Form 541 and Form 540NR Form 540NR Instructions for Part III at the end of from form FTB 5805 Side 3 Part III line 23 from line 2 on line 6 (If your California AGI is from line 5 on Part III line 6 from line 6 line instructions above from your 2012 tax return that you elected to FTB 5805 Instructions 2013 Page 1 FTB 5805 Instructions 2013 Page 3 FTB 5805 Part III line 11 FTB 5805 Side 2 Part II line 6 multiplied by 30% FTB 5805 to the back of your tax return G Annualized Total AGI Enter the amount from Part III line 3 G Farmers and Fishermen General Information General Information E) complete this form and Generally you do not have to complete this form get FTB Pub 1100 Taxation of Nonresidents and get the instructions for Schedule CA (540NR) H Annualized itemized or standard deduction rate Divide line F by H Due Dates for Estimated Tax hearing or speech impairments I Enter the amount from Part III line 8 I Filing an Early Return in If a subsequent payment does not reduce the If any payment was made earlier than the due If the California adjusted gross income (AGI) If the California AGI on your 2013 tax return is If you are a calendar year taxpayer the estimated If you are a nonresident military servicemember If you are filing Long Form 540NR see Long If you can use the short method complete If you did not file a tax return for 2012 or if your If you file an amended tax return: If you file your 2013 tax return before If you file your tax return and pay the tax due If you filed a Long Form 540NR complete the AGI if you itemized your deductions If you made subsequent payments you may If you owe a penalty the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) If you use the annualized income installment If your income varied during the year and you If your income varied during the year you may Important: If you answer Yes to any of the impose the penalty In 2001 California changed the method used to in 2012 or 2013 and your underpayment was Include in column (a) any overpayment of tax income adjustments For more information income installment method enter the amounts income received from sources within California Income Worksheet below) is greater than: Income Worksheet line 3 8 Individuals Who Change Residency Installment installment For more information get the installment is $700 installment is figured to June 10th The amount installment It does not matter if you designate a Installment Method installment method in figuring earlier installments) installment or the regular installment (increased by installment required a payment of $1 200 On installment The penalty for the April 15th Installments installments on the 15th day of the 4th 6th and instructions for Form 540 ES or Form 541 ES Instructions for Form FTB 5805 instructions for Part II Instructions for Worksheet II it for all payment due dates To figure the amount items for the period J Amended Tax Return J Prorated standard deduction or annualized itemized deductions January 1 2013 to the ending date of each period January 1 2015 through June 30 2015 will July 1 2014 through December 31 2014 and June 10th you sent in a payment of $1 200 to K Annualized California taxable income Subtract line J from line F K Penalty Rates L Annualized California prorated tax before exemption credit least two thirds (2/3) of your annual gross income less line 74 Limitation Worksheet found in your tax booklet Limitations for each period limited by tentative minimum tax (TMT) it Line 1 Enter in column (a) through column (d) Line 1 Enter your 2013 tax liability from the Line 1 Enter your total AGI for each period Line 1 Figure your total income minus your line 1 for all payment periods stop here; you do not owe the penalty Do not line 1 Then go to line 3 of next column Otherwise go to line 9 8 line 1) (Estates and trusts enter your taxable income line 10 by 6% ( 06) 11 Line 10 Form 541 filers Figure the tax on the line 11 12 Line 11 If your exemption credits were limited line 12 (Worksheet II line 11 if you use Line 12 Long Form 540NR filers complete line 13 (Worksheet II line 12 if you use the Line 13 Enter the special credits you are entitled Line 13 Refigure Long Form 540NR line 51 line 13 to figure the penalty Line 14b Enter the alternative minimum tax Line 2 Enter the estimate payments made by Line 2 Form 541 filers Do not use amounts line 20 plus any gambling line 23 to figure your required installment for each line 27 Line 3 Enter the 2013 amounts from the line 3 multiplied by 30% enter 0 in column (c) line 42 line 45 that is applicable for the period line 48 line 61 and line 62 less the amount Line 5 Enter your 2012 tax liability from the line 6 by 80% ( 80) 7 Line 6 Multiply line 4 by line 5 and enter Line 7 Enter the total standard deduction line 71 and line 72; or 2013 Form 541 line 26 and line 72 less line 84 line 72 less the amount on line 84 line 8 Line 8 If line 8 is zero for all payment periods line G Do not enter more than 1 0000 line O from line L Enter this amount here and on Part III line 12 Long Form 540NR Instructions for Part III Long Form 540NR line 123; or Form 541 Long Form 540NR line 123; or Form 541 line 42 losses included on line 28 2 M Exemption credits Enter the amount from Part III line 11 made no other payments follow the line by line make estimated income tax payments for any married/RDP filing separately use line 2 Maximum days in a rate period per quarter: may be to your advantage to make a separate may cause you to pay a larger penalty than using method for any payment due date you must use MFS enter 90% ( 90) of the tax liability from your military pay from gross income when computing military pay from your federal AGI months shown in the column headings Multiply line I by line H Multiply line K by line C N Annualized credit rate Divide line K by line B name and tax ID number to any statement you need to make additional computations for the NEXT COLUMN nonresidents and part year residents California nonresidents are taxed by California only on their not complete line 5 Instead enter the amount not owe a penalty for underpaying estimated tax O Annualized prorated exemption credits Multiply line M by line N of an installment was created or increased of days from the installment due date to the date of each required installment Part III automatically of partnership or S corporation income or loss of the amount shown on form FTB 5805 Part ll of the decedent s death If you answer Yes to of the following fiscal year of the payment to be applied to the June 15th of the required annual payment for the second of Trusts on each payment due date unless you can show on line 74 on line 8 was paid or 4/15/2014 whichever is earlier 10 on that underpayment will be figured using more on Worksheet II Regular Method to Figure Your one of the following apply: one or more required installments by using the one rate when applicable only payments were California income tax or 541) Alternative Minimum Tax and Credit or holiday the deadline to file and pay without original tax return to figure the penalty otherwise If you can show that your California owe a penalty for underpaying your estimated tax P Annualized California tax after exemption credits Subtract Page 2 FTB 5805 Instructions 2013 paid with your tax return in column (d) In this parentheses on the dotted line next to Part II Part I Figure Your Underpayment Part II Computing the Part II Figure the Penalty Part II Figure the Penalty Complete line 10 and line 11 of one column before going to the next column Part II line 1 through line 10 to figure your total Part III Annualized Income Part III line 4 1 Part III line 5 4 Part III line 6 13 Part Year Residents pay the entire tax due by March 1 2014 you do Payment Application Your payments are applied payment date to the end of the rate period payment due by January 15 2014 payment Fiscal year filers must file their tax payment for a later period payment for the first required installment 40% payment from the underpayment amount from penalty if they are subject to the underpayment of penalty is extended to the next business day penalty is figured for the number of days that the Period period: Place of the 4th Installment previous year s return in the computation of the prior year was less than $500 ($250 for married/ prior year your tax liability less any credits for the quarter (The total of all amounts entered on line 23 Question 1 and in the space provided explain Question 3 Question 4 complete Part I only and attach form questions in Part I (estates and trusts see rate against the underpayment for the number of Rate Period: 4/15/13 6/15/13 9/15/13 1/15/14 RDP filing a separate tax return then enter 110% RDP filing separately) in tax for 2013 If in the RDP filing separately) you are not subject to the Regular Method to Figure Your regular method) regular method) Subtract this amount from Required Annual Payment required annual payment for the fourth required required annual payments See the instructions required installment no installment is due for required to pay 30% of the required annual resident plus any resident taxpayers (AB 1115 Stats 2001 Ch 920) Residents residue of the decedent s estate are required to return return and pay their tax before the first day of the return on line 5 return use the tax credit and other amounts right Instead use the following: 2/28/13 4/30/13 7/31/13 Schedule A line 4 line 14 and schedule in your tax booklet Also include any See the conditions listed in the box labeled select Personal Income Tax then select selects the smaller of the annualized income separate computation for each period If you separately) September 2014 respectively Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (Public Law shall not apply to the extent the underpayment Short Form 540NR) to more clearly show that Short Method should equal the amount from Part II line 6 ) shown in column (a) through column (d) Instead shown on your 2012 California tax return is more shown on your amended tax return to figure Side 3 Attach it to the back of your tax return sources Specific Line Instructions spouses/RDPs may exclude the servicemember s Subsequent Payments For purposes of tax applies to nonresidents and new residents Tax by Farmers and Fishermen Tax by Individuals and Fiduciaries to see if you tax for any quarter remained unpaid or underpaid tax from: tax installment due dates for 2013 were: tax that you were required to pay taxpayers this is the amount shown on form Taxpayers with California adjusted gross income Telephone: 800 852 5711 from within the telephones 24 hours a day seven days a week than $150 000 or more than $75 000 if married/ than one rate period that column In that case you count the number the amount of your required installment For most the amount saved by using the annualized income the amounts on federal the annualization amounts The automated phone service is available in the date at the top of each column the due date is January 15 2014 If you file the estimated tax The following rates apply to the 2013 computation The Mental Health Services Act imposes an the payment reduced the underpayment to zero The penalty for the underpayment of estimated The penalty is figured separately for each due the penalty within 15 days of the billing to avoid The rates are established at various times The rates used to determine the amount of the regular method If the payment was only a few the regular method) without regard to the the result on line 6 Your annualized itemized the tax rate on nonmilitary income the third required installment and 30% of the the total penalty you figured without regard the underpayment The underpayment of estimated tax penalty Then go to line 3 of next column 9 there are no further computations to make for This law changed the tax computation to recognize this payment is considered to be for the April 15th this section those items and established a new method of through line 53 using the ratio from Line N of through line 62 Prorate the credits on line 51 throughout the year If an installment of estimated throughout the year If an underpayment remained timely payments entered in Part I line 2 If you to any underpayment balance on an earlier to because of events that occurred during the to enter on line 6 of Part III for each period federal to figure the required installment amount to enter To request a waiver do all of the following: To request a waiver of to the waiver and enter the result on Part II underpayment amount from Worksheet II Underpayment and Penalty Underpayment and Penalty line 1 (page 4) underpayment for the year and line 11 through underpayment of estimated penalty follow the Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Corporations Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals and Fiduciaries underpayment of estimated tax penalty underpayment remained unpaid underpayment remained unpaid Use line 11 to underpayment to zero you will need to make an underpayment will be figured using more than United States unpaid for more than one rate period the penalty updated penalty rates Call the number below use 6 3 1 71429 and 1 09091 respectively as Use form FTB 5805 Underpayment of Estimated Use form FTB 5805F Underpayment of Estimated Use line 10 to figure the number of days the use the annualized income installment method to Use the following worksheet to figure the amount use the tax on their 2013 tax return to figure their Use these instructions only if you are filing Long Use this part to figure the amount of estimated waiver Enter the amount you want waived in When the estimate due date falls on a weekend while you were a California while you were a nonresident less applicable why you are requesting a waiver of the widow(er)) withheld withholding was otherwise withheld answer without your exemption for each period ) 1 Worksheet 1 below Worksheet I Worksheet I Prorated Tax for Long Form 540NR Filers Worksheet II line 8 Worksheet II Regular Method to Figure Your Underpayment and Penalty worksheet in your tax booklet for each period year ending two or more years after the date You are considered a farmer or fisherman if at you do not owe a penalty But if you answer Yes you may complete a separate Schedule P (540 You may not use the short method if either of the You may request a waiver of the penalty if either You may use the short method only if you are you must complete form FTB 5805 including you must file form FTB 5805 with your tax return You must make estimated tax payments if you you must use the amounts shown on the your penalty are established at various dates your penalty for underpayment of estimated tax Your total AGI is your AGI for the period from all zero stop here and enter the amount