Form 42A740-EZ  Fillable Form 740-EZ - Kentucky Individual Income Tax Return
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$ 0 $11 490 1 00 (100%) $ 0 $3 000 2% of taxable income $10 $25 $50 Other 00 $10 $25 $50 Other 00 $10 $25 $50 Other 0014 Add amounts contributed on lines 13a 13b 13c 13d and 13e 14 00 $11 490 $11 950 0 90 (90%) $11 950 $12 409 0 80 (80%) $12 409 $12 869 0 70 (70%) $12 869 $13 328 0 60 (60%) $13 328 $13 788 0 50 (50%) $13 788 $14 248 0 40 (40%) $14 248 $14 592 0 30 (30%) $14 592 $14 937 0 20 (20%) $14 937 $15 282 0 10 (10%) $3 001 $4 000 3% of taxable income minus $30 $4 001 $5 000 4% of taxable income minus $70 $5 001 $8 000 5% of taxable income minus $120 $75 001 and up 6% of taxable income minus $334 $8 001 $75 000 5 8% of taxable income minus $184 (: a) Unchecked (: a) Unchecked (: a) Unchecked (: b) Unchecked (: b) Unchecked (: c) Unchecked (: c) Unchecked (: c) Unchecked (: d) Unchecked (: d) Unchecked (: d) Unchecked (: Y) Unchecked (: Ye) Unchecked (: Yes) Unchecked (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) *1300030003* 1 2 3 1 Enter federal Adjusted Gross Income from Form 1040EZ line 4 13 a Nature and Wildlife Fund 13(c) 13(d) and/or 13(e) The total of these amounts cannot exceed 15 Subtract line 14 from line 12 Amount to be refunded to you 15 0016 If line 10 is larger than line 11 enter amount you owe Enclose check 2013 Form W 2 Wage and Tax Statement(s) 11 0012 If line 11 is larger than line 10 enter AMOUNT OVERPAID (see instructions) 12 00 3 Subtract line 2 from line 1 This is your Taxable Income 3 00 4 Enter tax from Tax Table or Tax Computation for amount on line 3 4 00 42A740 EZ 5 Personal tax credit 5 20 00 6 Subtract line 5 from line 4 If line 5 is larger than line 4 enter zero 6 00 7 Multiply line 6 by the Family Size Tax Credit for Family Size 1 7 This is your Family Size Tax Credit 740 EZ KENTUCKY 740 instructions 9 Enter Kentucky Use Tax due on Internet mail order or other out of state purchases (see instructions) 9 0010 Add lines 8 and 9 This is your Total Tax Liability 10 0011 Enter Kentucky Income Tax withheld as shown on attached additional information additional tax Subtract Line 11 from Line 10 and enter on Line 16 and belief it is true correct and complete and enter the difference on Line 12 as an overpayment However as Family Size Tax Credit Attach Form W 2 Wage and Tax Statement(s) and Payment Here b Child Victims Trust Fund Banks Trust Fund Donations are voluntary and amounts donated be calculated on Form 2210 K which may be obtained from the blind or a member of the Kentucky National Guard at the end boats etc Box 1 for Democratic Box 2 for Republican or Box 3 for No Designation c Veterans Program Trust Fund City Town or Post Office State ZIP Code Code This information will be used to establish your identity for COMPLETING FORM 740 EZ For more information see the General d Breast Cancer Research/Education Trust decimal amount ( %) and enter here (see instructions on page 2) 7 008 Subtract line 7 from line 6 This is your Income Tax Liability 8 00 Department of Revenue Designating $2 will not change your refund or tax due Mark an X in e Farms to Food Banks Trust Fund Enter decimal amount Enter in the space provided the decimal amount from the following Enter the amount(s) you wish to contribute on Lines 13(a) 13(b) Example: (Taxable income) $8 500 x 5 8% $184 = $309 FAMILY Family Size for use in Kentucky on which sales tax was not charged Include Form 740 and itemize your deductions on Schedule A Form 740 EZ (2013) Form 740 EZ Kentucky family size is one and Kentucky modified Frankfort at (502) 564 4581 or a Kentucky Taxpayer Service Center Fund (c) the Veterans Program Trust Fund (d) the Breast Cancer Fund Contributions; See instructions (Enter amount(s) checked) General Instructions or contact the Department of Revenue for gross income (Line 1) is: gross income is equal to federal adjusted gross income A family I the undersigned declare under penalties of perjury that I have examined this return including any accompanying statements and to the best of my knowledge If taxable income is: Tax before credit is: If the Kentucky modified If you are not required to file a federal income tax return enter the If you do not meet all five of the above requirements see Form if your Total Tax Liability on Line 10 is larger than Line 11 you owe INCOME income tax withheld as shown on your 2013 wage and tax income taxes must not be included on Line 11 instructions for Line 7 and enter the decimal amount on Line 7 INSTRUCTIONS FORM 740 EZ Instructions You may also contact the Department of Revenue in Interest and Penalties File your return and pay any additional interest was $1 500 or less Internet and catalog purchases subscriptions furniture carpet Kentucky Department of Revenue Frankfort KY 40618 0006 Kentucky Department of Revenue Frankfort KY 40619 0008 Kentucky income tax Local government occupational license or Line 1 Enter federal adjusted gross income from Form 1040EZ Line 11 Kentucky Tax Withheld Enter the amount of Kentucky Line 12 If the amount on Line 11 (Kentucky Tax Withheld) is Line 13 If you show an overpayment on Line 12 you may contribute Line 16 You must pay any tax due shown on Line 16 Make check Line 2 The standard deduction of $2 360 has been preprinted If Line 4 (Do not confuse federal adjusted gross income with federal Line 4 Compute your tax using the following tax rate schedule Line 7 Family Size Tax Credit For single persons eligible to file Line 9 Kentucky Use Tax Enter 6 percent of out of state purchases LINE BY LINE INSTRUCTIONS Mail to: Mailing Address (Number and Street including Apartment Number or P O Box) Make sure you file the copy designated to be filed with your state modified gross income is not over $15 282 If over $15 282 you do more than the amount on Line 10 (Total Tax Liability) you have an Multiply amount on Line 6 by decimal amount Enter result on Line Name Last First Middle Initial not qualify for this tax credit Skip Line 7 Note: An optional tax table is available online at www revenue ky gov Note: Penalties but not interest may be reduced or waived if of 2013; and of the following apply: OFFICIAL USE ONLY on Line 7 On the face of the check please write KY Income Tax 2013 and or by calling the Department of Revenue (502) 564 4581 over but not over overpayment and are due a refund Subtract Line 10 from Line 11 Page 2 PARTY payable to Kentucky State Treasurer and attach it to your return payable to Kentucky State Treasurer Write your Social PAYMENTS Percent of Tax Please print your numbers inside the boxes with black ink Do not POLITICAL Political Party Fund Designation You may designate $2 of your reasonable cause can be shown REFUNDS Research and Education Trust Fund and /or (e) the Farms to Food return Do not include amounts withheld by your employer for other Security number and KY Income Tax 2013 on the check 16 00REFUND security number per Section 405 Title 42 of the United States Signature Each return must be properly signed by the taxpayer Single Persons With No Dependents INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAX RETURN SIZE 1 size tax credit is allowed for single persons whose Kentucky Social Security Number You are required to provide your social statements These statements must be attached to your return states Amounts withheld in other states cannot be credited to your subject to a penalty of 10 percent of the underpayment of estimated table tax due by April 15 2014 to avoid interest and penalties See the tax liability of at least $2 tax purposes only tax The minimum penalty is $25 The amount of the penalty may taxable income shown on the federal return ) If $15 282 or less see taxable scholarship or fellowship grants and your taxable taxes to either the Democratic or Republican party if you have a than 30 percent of the income tax liability on Line 8 you may be than April 15 2014 to avoid penalties and interest the amount of the overpayment This is your Kentucky Modified Gross Income (If $15 282 or less to: (a) the Nature and Wildlife Fund (b) the Child Victims Trust total income from sources within and without Kentucky Typed or Printed Name of Preparer Other Than Taxpayer I D Number of Preparer Date Underpayment of Estimated Tax If the amount owed is more use dollar signs When to File The 2013 Form 740 EZ must be postmarked no later Who May Use Form 740 EZ You may use Form 740 EZ if all five will be deducted from your refund you are filing federal Form 1040EZ; you do not claim additional credits for being age 65 or over you had only wages salaries tips unemployment compensation you may qualify for the Family Size Tax Credit See instructions on page 2 ) 1 002 Standard deduction 2 2 360 00 you were a Kentucky resident for the entire year; your filing status is single; your itemized deductions exceed $2 360 it will benefit you to file Your Signature Telephone Number (daytime) Date Signed your Social Security number