Form NJ-1040-Schd-A-B Fillable Schedules A and B
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If you are eligible for a property tax benefit you must complete Worksheet I on page 43 to determine whether you receive a greater benefit by If you are not eligible for a property tax benefit enter the amount from Line 9 Column B on Line 41 Form NJ 1040 Make no entry on Lines 37c (Divide Line 2 into Line 1) 2 3 % (DO NOT combine the same income taxed by more than one jurisdiction) (Form NJ 1040) (Mo day yr ) price (see instructions) (d less e) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (text) (The amount on Line 1 cannot exceed the amount shown on Line 2) 1 1 Income actually taxed by other jurisdiction during tax year (indicate name ) 2 Income subject to tax by New Jersey (From Line 28 Form NJ 1040) 2 3 Maximum Allowable Credit Percentage 1 4 Taxable Income (after Exemptions and Deductions) from Line 36 Form NJ 1040 4 4 5 Property Tax Enter in Box 5a the amount from Worksheet F 6 New Jersey Taxable Income (Line 4 minus Line 5) 6 6 7 Tax on Line 6 amount (From Tax Table or Tax Rate Schedules) 7 7 8 Allowable Credit (Line 3 times Line 7) 8 8 A COPY OF OTHER STATE OR POLITICAL SUBDIVISION TAX RETURN MUST BE RETAINED WITH YOUR RECORDS a Kind of property and b Date c Date sold (Mo d Gross e Cost or other basis f Gain or a separate Schedule A must be enclosed for each See instructions page 40 and Deduction line 1 See instructions page 33 and expense of sale Capital Gains Distributions 2 claiming a property tax deduction or taking the property tax credit Credit allowed (Enter lesser of Line 8 or Box 9a) (The credit Credit for description acquired day yr ) sales as adjusted (loss) DISPOSITION OF PROPERTY disposition of property including real or personal whether tangible or intangible Enter in Box 9a the income or wage For tax year 2012 and after Schedule C Net Gains or Income From Rents If you are claiming a credit for income taxes paid to more than one jurisdiction IF YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR A PROPERTY TAX BENEFIT ONLY COMPLETE COLUMN B COLUMN A COLUMN B Jurisdiction List the net gains or income less net loss derived from the sale exchange or other may not exceed your New Jersey tax on Line 39) Name(s) as shown on Form NJ 1040 Your Social Security Number Net Gains (Add Lines 1 2 and 3) (Enter here and on Line 18 If loss enter ZERO here and make no entry on Line 18) 4 NEW JERSEY GROSS INCOME TAX 2013 NOTE: or 49 Form NJ 1040 Other Other Net Gains 3 PAID TO OTHER JURISDICTION Part IV of Schedule NJ BUS 1 (Form NJ 1040) to report that income Property tax deduction Enter the amount from Worksheet F line 2 Rev 10 13 Royalties Patents and Copyrights has been eliminated from this page Use Schedule A CREDIT FOR INCOME OR WAGE TAXES Schedule B NET GAINS OR INCOME FROM SCHEDULES See instructions page 33 5 5 See instructions page 43 tax paid to other jurisdiction during tax year on income shown on Line 1 Taxes Paid to